Monday, April 28, 2008

~ tickles my <3 ~

Pudding tickles my heart almost the same way this flower does, but in a cuter way :) He's the cutest ever ;)
On the beach while walking on the sand:
Pudding: "WoW daddy, these are lotsa footprints!"
Dad: "I know.."
Pudding: "But my footprints are hardly showing :( "
Puddingy, soon inshaAllah you'll have bigger footprints & you'll have to take good care of them.. Don't rush it honey bunny :)


Anonymous said...

awwwww how cute. Little ones are very observant and give blunt comments. so so so cute mashallah.

Maryam said...

Agree with Batoul. whole heartedly .... :-)
Err .. Sara, I have a doubt though, Please dont mind, but who is Pudding ??


sara said...

I knoooooooooooooooow :D
Habeeby mashaAllah.. He's just very unexpected <3

Why would I mind? :@
You ask whatever you want missy :D
Pudding is the yummiest dish I've ever had.. You can find more about him here:
And hey, you can see him inshaALlah when we meet, right? But I gotta warn ya, you better have something before meeting him, or else you'll have him in one bite ;)

gjoe said...

How thweeeet lil' one! :)

sara said...

thooooooo thweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ;)

yummy yummy ;)

asma said...

Awww, sweeetheart ... he tickled my <3 too :)

Loves and hugs :)

sara said...

xoxo to you asoomy <3

mayG said...

aww mashaAllah!
being a parent is one of the toughest jobs but its these moments that melt your heart and make it all SO worth it :D

Don't kill me for the loooong absence, been really busy lately.. hope all is good with you dear friend?

sara said...

i wonder uif i ever have a child, will i be patient enough not to eat him/her?! i really wonder!
and hey, as long as ur okay, im happy :)
hope u & ur folks are in the best state of faith & health.. amen :)