Wednesday, October 10, 2007

*tisk* *tisk* *tisk*

A few days back, I was driving pudding & his two friends to their school; as they were having an iftar party.. When the traffic light went red, I stopped (duhhhh!).. And then I heard giggling & betting
going on between them li’l guys.. So I looked at the rear mirror & saw them cutely arguing..

Skate boarding expert boy
(showing off!): “I swear this is acne, it’s not merely pimples!”
Pudding (jealously!): “No, they’re not! That’s just a rash or something.. I’m sure it’s not acne.. Acne doesn’t look like that..”
Beautiful eyed kid: “I think it is acne..”
Pudding (so proudly): “You guys, look at my facial hair, it’s growing.. Even my arm hair is..”
BEK: “Man, that’s old news, I’ve got all that already..”
SBEB then started checking out his arms..
I couldn’t stop smiling.. And in my head, I was laughing out loud :) Honestly, I didn’t know what to think! Come on boys, you don’t want that.. Trust me.. Ask the big guys & they’ll tell you.. It’s not as it seems.. It’s not so fun.. Nope, not so fun! I'm sure they'd tell you how much they long to go back to their old li'l beds & get tucked in by their parents.. Well well well..
I always had this place on one of the walls in each & every one of pudding’s roomS where I’d measure his height every now & then.. He’s dying to get taller.. But of course as we move almost every two years (thanks to mom :( ); that wall changes.. But I still do it for him wherever we go.. Oh God, he feels soooo good when it shows that he’s grown taller.. Man, you should see the joy in his eyes :D
May you grow taller puddingy & make this world a brighter one.. And take care of your eldest sister & love her & never forget her ;) .. Amen. & carry her if need be ;) Yeah, don't look at me pudding, how many times have I carried you? I deserve this :P That's the least you could do :P
"What if I’m dumb in school?
What if they’ve closed the swimming pool?
What if I get beat up?
What is there’s poison in my cup?
What if I start to cry?
What if I get sick and die?
What if I flunk that test?
What if green hair grows on my chest?
What if nobody likes me?
What if a bolt of lightening strikes me?
What if I don’t grow taller?
What if my head starts getting smaller?
What if the fish won’t bite?
What if the wind tears my kite?
What if they start a war?
What if my parents get divorced?
What if the bus is late?
What if my teeth don’t grow straight?
What if I tear my pants?
What if I never learn to dance?"

~ By Shel Silverstein ~


Bridget Jones said...

Oh yes yes yes! To be a kid again and be tucked in bed by mom :)

sara said...

Sadly, no abra kadabra can do that :(

noora said...

that is one place i would love to go back hard feelings worries... live each day as it comes..
that is one plce where my mind is heart is light..

wish i was a kid again
loved the post :)

Amr said...

Happy Eid to every one :).

Totally agree.
I really wish i can be child again, the days of innocense :D.

When we were childs, we used to dream to be older to get more responsiblity thinking that this will make us more important, etc..

but when we actully got the responsiblitiy, we need to be child again, what a human kind!! :)

sara said...

Nooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D May Allah accept your umrah sweetie.. :) Amen.

Well, yeah, the place where the heart was waaaaaaaaay lighter.. But hey, know something? I've always cared more than I should.. Always worried more than I should
:( wanna learn how to decrease it a bit..

And Amr,
EID.. It flew by.. Just like ramadan did.. And like everything else..

What has happened to our minutes? Why have they gotten so short?


Always felt like I don't belong to mankind!!!!!!!!!!

sara said...

إن العينَ لتدمع, و إن القلبَ ليحزن, و إنّا لفراقِك يا رمضانَ لمحزونون. اللّهم بلغنا رمضان القادم


asma said...

Oh yeah, he'll think about this too years from now on.

happy growing :) Your kid brother??

And I so wana go back in my mom's lap too :(

sara said...

yep.. my li'l pudding :)

he was downloading something today for his ipod & he asked me to pray for him so that it works & all that came out of my heart was: may Allah grant u pudding success in all you do for His cause & stop you from all bad whispers & never make them happen.. And he just said, plz pray for it to work (the thing he was downloading) HAHAHAHAHA