Wednesday, October 24, 2007

** SaNeLy CrAzY **

Remember when you were young & the soap, somehow, always found its way to your eyes? How long has it been, years? Well, for me it’s definitely been years since that last happened.. But just yesterday & after so many long years, the soup found its way back to my eyes! And all those memories flashed back.. It’s interesting how those ‘nice’ flash backs make you feel.. It’s just this indescribable deeply engraved delight coming back to life.. Just like that pineapple cake that mama makes.. Nothing could smell more warm & cozy..

It was wonderful walking in between those li’l kids who were on their way to school today.. Man, it’s great to have school in the morning! I’m extremely against all those afternoon schools :( .. I’ve always loved mornings.. I’m a very morning person.. I love the sun.. I hate it when the sun leaves.. Hate the night time.. Hate going out at night.. I had my afternoon coffee in the kitchen yesterday during sunset.. I could see the sky through that kitchen’s balcony’s glass door.. The lights in the kitchen were off & those yellowish orange sun rays were so stimulating.. They were fading a second after the other.. And eventually I knew I had to put those fake lights on.. Don’t you just hate the white neon lights? I really do.. I feel so uncomfortable seeing everything through those white lights.. I love yellow lights (not sure if they’re called yellow, but you know, those yellowish, sun-like lights).. That’s one of the things I love about Egypt.. All it’s street lights are lit that way, in ‘yellow’.. However, I was told once, that the colors are seen best through the white neon light.. Anyways, so while sitting in the kitchen, I loved how it was dark where I was & how the sun rays penetrated & broke through the darkness.. Try it.. Try sitting where it’s dark & open a window around sunset.. The sun won’t be too powerful to fully brighten the room & at the same time it won’t be so weak that would bring in the need of fake lights.. It’s a quiet charming experience..

Talking of experience.. Life is all about experiences.. Happy ones.. Successful ones.. Breaking ones.. Inspiring ones.. Humiliating ones.. Honoring ones.. Humbling ones.. And so many others.. And of the most uncommon experiences, come the crazy ones.. I go through those every now & then.. It’s fascinating.. I’m keen on unusual things.. And one of those unordinary things happened to me recently.. Well, here’s how it went.. A week ago, this dude passed by & asked: “Excuse me, do you have any clue where bla bla department is? The receptionist isn't there..” I went like: “Yup, it’s not on this floor, you go to bla bla floor & you’ll find it..”.. Dude: “Thanks!”.. Days passed & this dude came again standing in front of me with a huuuuuuuuuuge smile (you know this smile that you put on trying to say “you know me.. remember me?”).. I looked at him waiting for him to say something.. Dude: “Well, I have bla bla papers & can’t seem to figure out where to go”.. Me (so freaking serious): “Well, you can go to bla bla bla..”.. Dude: “And there’s this other thing” & he paused, I felt like, GOD!! And I waited.. He cleared his throat & said: “Well, I’d like to propose to you!”.. I DIDN’T BELIEVE HE SAID THAT! At that very moment, all I thought of, was how to get him outa my sight & how I could disappear from the face of earth! I blushed (& stayed blushed for like 4 hours I swear!) & found my arms flying up & down (I remember my left hand hitting the desk real bad), my eyes staring at the floor, the chair moving in circles & then I went like “ummmm, well, ummmmm, ummmmm, this is crazy!” & I didn’t even look his direction any more.. I COULDN’T BELIEVE I SAID IT OUT LOUD!! “THIS IS CRAZY?” HOW WORSE CAN I LOOK? WHAT AN EDIOT I WAS! He insisted: “I know, but I really do want to know of any possible way..” God oh God! How crazier can one get? This was one of the craziest sane experiences I’ve ever encountered..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To all gracious guys out there:
May Allah protect & guide you..
Amen :)

"Like a gift from the heavens,

it was easy to tell,

It was love from above,

that could save me from hell,

She had fire in her soul it was easy to see,

how the devil himself could be pulled out of me,

Like a piece to the puzzle that falls into place

You could tell how we felt from the look on our faces.."

~ Into the night lyrics~


Maryam said...

Talking about crazy experiences ............... I have many of them .... LOL
Feel like i am a queen among the people with crazy incidents

You like yellow lights, I hate them, I always prefer having white lights in my home and office.... :-D

sara said...

So queen of crazy experiences, care to share any of those incidents? :P

And would you please explain to me, what really does irritate you when being in 'yellow' lights? Like can you describe your feelings?

I'm so interested in seeing through others' eyes :D

Amr said...

i like sun shine th emost thing on earth, recently i've some succeesive days watching it every day and oh my God how beautiful it is.

No thing feel awful to me like waking up from bed and found out that sun has gone, it feels awful.

sunset is also nice, but it is not as nice as sun shine, you know what, iam unable to distinguish between both of them if you're sitting infront of the sea, can you?

Regarding that situation, it is quiet embracing as you see, but i always have a debat with my freinds around when someone find suitable girl, should he talk to her directly or ask someone to do so on behalf of him, the majorty seemd to vote for the first one, personally i perfere it if i already know this person, the other way seem to be the most suitable in case you don't know each other, am not sure if you'll feel the same thing if you was told about this propsal from your dad on behalf of this person for example :), but in all ways, live the experince and enjoy :)

sara said...

By the way, sleeping in between asr & maghrib is disliked I believe.. The prophet salla Allahu alaihy wa salam said something like if you wake up after maghrib feeling crazy, don't blame except yourself or something like that.. Can't find the exact hadith on the internet.. If I do, I'll post it inshaAllah.. It's preferred to nap in between duhr & asr.. But off course our world now is going against all that is natural :( Wish our days could start with dawn.. How I wish!

Umm, regarding the sunrise & sunset, I wonder if I do know the difference? Not sure.. I LOVE THE SUN.. I still wonder though, how do people believe that it could be our god? The sun would be really upset if it knew that some people pray to it :(

As to finding the right girl, any given HALAL way would do! And definitely going through the "wali" is the best way, but like in my case, mr. dude didn't really know anything about how to get to my wali or any other way except going through me first..

May Allah facilitate all that is halal for us & grant us sakeena of soul, heart, mind & body.. Amen ya Rab :)

Amr said...

>>Jazky Allh Khyran sara, bas as i found, that hadeeth is not accurate, you can read here:

>>Regarding the best way, this is really realtive according to many factors, for example i've known situations where the girl got angry because the guy know her but he talked to her dad instead!, anther one didn't like the guy to talk to her, it depends, all "dudes" have to be wise regarding this thing :)


sara said...

Thanks a lot for looking into it.. I too did my search & found that it's a weak (da'if) narration! You know, I heard it in a talk by one of the most knowledgeable scholars of islam!!!!!!!!!!!!

And regarding proposals, all that pleases Allah is THE right thing to do.. If the girl doesn't like it, then it's her problem really.. She has issues to sort out then! And any "dude" involved shouldn't really regret whatever he's done, as he didn't displease Allah in any way.. And he should also not grieve over the girl's reaction; as she doesn't really go 100% with halal & I'm sure she's not the one he really wants..

With respect,

Amr said...

>>Every one is subject to make mistakes even the most knowledgable ppl, it is a human nature, and this shouldn't make us judge that person in a way or anther as "untrusted" source, as long as these mistakes are in the minors.

>>Totally agree.

Hassy said...

ASalamu alikum SARAAAA!!!!

AWWWWWWWWWW!!! really I couldn't help laughing, all I can picture is your hands flying around did you manage to get him off your face? and what happened after that? let me know in advance so I get my dress
luv ya..
my life is the same old thing. :(

sara said...

We're human, I know.. But a scholar whose job is stating hadeeths & stuff? I don't know anymore.. Anyways, Rabinna Kareem wa Ghafour wa Raheeeeeeeeeeeem :)

And Hassy? I'm sorry, but who are you? I know you, right? "my life is the same old thing"?

And regarding mr. dude, well, after my hands flying all around me & after me saying "this is crazy" & him saying, "don't get scared" (LOL), I managed to say "please gimme a minute!" hahahha :D

And when he returned back a few minutes later, I gave him a piece of paper with daddy's cell phone's number where he could carry on his way ;)