Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Guys are immature!"

"Guys are immature!" She said..
:D hahahahahahahaa :P
So true man! So true!


Jasim said...

Not true. :/

Women are. :P

sara said...

yeah right ^o)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Which guys? Young guys? Old guys? Arab guys, foreign guys? Ancient guys, modern guys?
See the statement includes just about everyone. Therefore, it's false, because Mohammad was a guy, Jesus was a guy, Buddha was a guy, Plato was a guy, are you claiming that they're immature too?

I think, your friend, is the one who's immature

sara said...

Fatima was a woman, Khadija was a woman, Maryam was a woman, were they crazy?

You know what guys I meant Q.. Don't you?

Qwaider قويدر said...

You can't deny that they were emotional at times. I mean, one got married to a guy 15 years younger, the other claimed that she was beaten by Omar ibin el Khattab and the third came home pregnant! :)

kidding :)

I'm just playing a little immature to fulfil your ego.. Happy now?

sara said...

Come on, you know what my friend meant, sah?

And hey, can you tell me that Omar Ibn AlKhatab story? I don't know that one, I think..

Don't fulfill my ego, tell me you understand bass..

Qwaider قويدر said...

The story according to Shiia is that Omar has beaten Fatima and broke her rib. It's not true of course for bunch of reasons. Most importantly because she's his mother in law (ya3ni his mother), and the wife of Ali (And Ali carried the door of Khaibar, he wouldn't allow his wife to be humiliated by anyone) and finally bee Omar loved Mohammad, and his family like his own. So he wouldn't do anything to harm them

Amr said...

Quiet agree,
I always used to think that our parents are wiser than us, but we are more professional than them :D, in terms of the way we look to life and how do we manage to do in diffrent situations, etc...

but at the same time, girls are not exceptions, they are at the same level of maturity as guys :D

As for "Fatima, Khadija, Maryam" they are exceptions as RasoulAlah said:
كمل من الرجال كثير، ولم يكمل من النساء إلا آسية امرأة فرعون، ومريم بنت عمران، وخديجة بنت خويلد، وفاطمة بنت محمد
el 7adeeth mawgood hena:

sara said...

thanks for telling me that story..

So true! I think so too..
But the girls part, na ah.. I don't think so :@
And as for those amazing 4 women, I only mentioned the three famous ones.. I think Aasyah isn't commonly talked about now, sadly :(
Thank you Amr for all your efforts & all the sharing you do here.. JazakaAllahu khair Amr :)

Anonymous said...

Utterly disoppointing and unbelievable the way the prophet's and his wives name(s) are written /taken here.
Which Guys? Arab/ Foreign. Racism?

Islam doesn't permit these things. Neither it permits vain talk.

Is the Religion or its sects or stories are being discussed ?

I thought this was a blogg where better things are talked /shared about.

Sara, somewhere you say that you want to inspire souls, touch hearts and all that with some respect. Is that a fact or you just say it or you don't mean that.

Please ask yourself why did you started writing this blogg?

If you don't have something worthwhile writing then don't.

If you don't respect yourself, no one will.

sara said...

I'm sorry you're feeling that way.. It seems that you didn't understand a word! Hence; you can simply close my "blogg" & avoid reading "disoppointing" things!

MASS said...

girls ! are immature coz they are naturally behind their age,, i mean talk to a 22 year old or a 42 year old,.. you cant really tell the difference and think both are 17 max..

which isnt a bad thing coz then you can marry a woman and know that for a very long time she wont be "aging"

sara said...


yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah right!!!!!!!!!!!


So I sound like a 42 year old to you huh?

Hey, then why was ray, chancy, guen, ahmed, ibrahim & all these guys acting so dumb in the eleventh grade? Why were they still putting cockroaches in my bag? Why were they throwing small pieces of rubber IN UNIVERSITY? And why do married men still look at women & flirt? Why do they not understand the word RESPONSIBILITY????

But oh, when you think of it, it's not that bad.. When we age & our kids grow up & we have nothing to do, we can still ask our 60 year old husbands to make us some paper planes & make some fast car noises ;)

MASS said...

that sort of behavior yr taking about i sort of stopped at 10th grade i think 11th grade and 12th grade i sort of flirted and acted a bit matcho ( i was one of the biggest guys in school/ not sick big though) .. perhaps coz I was one of few "guitar guys" so i didnt need to act dump for attention (he3he3!!)

i dunno about married guys who flirt but certianly i dont and am not married either, but its sad that someone would.. not worse than a woman of course!
since guys have 3 more vacancies to fill in if they can..
men naturally are inclined to more women, reproduction and procreation doesnt need them commitment while females need only one male for it and are more vulenrable in pregnancy state so need a male for protection help etc..

all men have immature tendancies but as for myself am not willing to share them with any female but my wife inshaAllah. least this is what i try doing so in the best manner and i believe its of noble charcter to do so.

there is a hadeeth i believe that says there is no lahw with one's wife and ones horse.

ahh big comment, sorry

sara said...

theeeeeeeeeeeeere, you said it :D


Rabinna yusturak & aaaaaall shabab ya MASS.. Amen..

AND PLEASE DON'T SAY SORRY FOR THE LONG COMMENTS.. I had someone tellin me that my comments are long, so i reduced them at their blog.. but whatever my heart says, ill bring it out.. I believe ur doin the same..




MASS said...

well let me modify it and say have more immature tendancies when around women..

like all the stupid folks going crazy with cars and motorbikes around the "chicks"

I simply lift heavier in the gym and make louder growling noises as i pound the last few reps..and flex my chest as i walk with arms slightly raised.. ehm kidding.

thanx for the warm welcome

sara said...

yady elchicks elly tayarro rasko :@

wAllahi hatta without chicks.. i think its a brain thing u guys.. yani even lookin at daddy habeeby..

i cant explain it.. u guys have this.. ummm.. IMMATURITY?



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