Friday, April 25, 2008

~ Pureté ~

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Well, I don't recall trying on mama's shoes as a li'l girl.. Nor do I remember wanting to wear her lip stick & so forth.. All I really wanted to do was to love everybody & make everybody love one another..

However, the more I grew up the harder I found this applicable in today's world.. Purity is almost running out of hearts & it's being replaced by this thing that I can't find a word for..

Happy are the ones who still cling to their native pure state, & desperate are the others.. I really feel for all the sad hearts out there.. And wish there was something left for me to do.. I so do :(


You don't have to go to the top,

to see what's up..

You just need to raise your head,

& wake up the dead..

And shake that monster in you real hard,

& tell him it's about time to depart..



It's 03:40 am right now & there are two birds singing outside my window :)



Qwaider قويدر said...

As we grow up .. we get all sort of impurities around us. We can help it
We decide what we are, some are like oysters, impurities make them grow the prettiest and largest of pearls. While these impurities might ruin a diamond

It's our choice how to deal with these impurities, and where to go from that point onward

sara said...

It definitely is..It just breaks my heart the amount of attempts I make & then get hit by today's sad reality..

But yeah, it is our choice..

gjoe said...

I had the same "spreading love in the world" idea when I was a kid. The dream gets tougher and tougher as one grows and "matures". But you would be surprised that everyone has this "I want everybody to love me" instinct inside of them..

sara said...


Anonymous said...

This was exactly what i was thinking a day ago. Nobody now-a-day seem to be naive in any area/prespective.
Why others, I too aint as naive and innocent as i was, some years back. I accept that. I am sure everyone here agree's with me on it.
Whatever ... !!!


sara said...

Hellooooooo Missyyyyyyy :)

Whatever (as you've said).. Everyone will be asked individually.. It's just sometimes aches from the inside of me.. But what can I do..

Missed you passin by sweetie <3


Arash said...

Sometimes we have to go top to see whats over there!

sara said...

yeah? well, umm.. for me, I don't feel that way :$ you think?