Saturday, March 01, 2008

~ Ba Ba ~

Jannah, for the first time ever, said “ba ba” yesterday.. That was a blast for her daddy :) He actually called us on the phone yesterday to let us hear it.. Just to share with us one of the best moments of his life.. Unfortunately, her mom wasn’t around that very moment; she was out doing something & has left Janoonah with her daddy..

I was so touched hearing her say that.. Her dad is nuts, he loves her like crazy.. I remember once he was trying to put her to sleep & after she did, he stayed in a very uncomfortable position on the bed, for almost two entire hours, NOT MOVING; as not to disturb her sleep by moving his arm from under her head!

It’s like that.. It’s all like that.. That’s how it goes.. That’s what I’ve learned without having to learn.. That’s how it’s supposed to be.. As beautiful & as loving as can be :)

I find it relieving not being in control.. I love that fact about us “notfas”.. It’s almost always stimulating to find yourself a letter in the book of life.. You can choose what letter you want to be though..

Life will go on with or without you.. You better be than not to be; simply because you already ARE!


Maryam said...

I am sure he must have gone completely crazy with happiness.

I aint a mother now, but thinking of that particular moment makes me giggle and smile .... :-D

Anonymous said...

aww, so sweet mashAllah. I find parenthood to be the most amazing of phenomenons. sub7anAllah how a tough strong man becomes so soft hearted at the presence of his daughter.

sara said...

Maryoooooomyyyyyyyyyy :D
May Allah grant you a child who'd be your & his/her father's qurat 'ain & be a road to heaven that's embede with peace & delight.. Amen :)

OMG! You won't imagine how tough my uncle seems! If you see him talk, you'd think he's the toughest man on earth! But OMG! You should see him with jannah.. When they'd come over, I watch him! He won't take his eyes off her :)
He kisses her health card where her tiny picture is.. He's just a sweetheart <3

wonders said...

this is sooooooo sweet, i always find it special when i learn of a strong father-daughter bond

sara said...

awwww.. me too wonders :D

And the best you can ever see is me & baba.. WE ROCK ;P

For real :)



sara said...


sara said...

& this goes out to you wonders :)

sara said...

now wnough joking..

here's some real love for you ;)





sara said...

okay okay.. last one..

can't stop watching them..

mashaAllah.. cutie pie <3

ranooshitika said...

i adore the name jannah !!!!!!!!
love it love it love it !
sooo cute

sara said...

my choice ;)

it kills me when they say "gannah" :@