Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Lieu Of......

I knew they were not “normal”.. There was something special about them.. Something “uncommon”.. It wasn’t for their very short height; it was something else.. Something that most of us wouldn’t even think about :(
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While my sis & I were waiting for our sukkar friend, $@lly, to come downstairs, we noticed this strange thing.. There were these two young ladies standing down the side of the road, feeding a number of cats & pigeons! Now around sally’s place, I’d always see a lotta pigeons flying around.. Every time I go there, I see them & enjoy the scene :) But never did I notice anyone even looking at them :(

One of the ladies was feeding some cats (they were hiding behind these bars) & the other was moving around throwing the pigeons seeds bit by bit.. And shortly afterwards, sally came..

Me: “Sally, why are these women wearing the same clothes?”
Sals: “They’re twins..”
Me: “Do you know them personally?”
Sals: “Nope.. I always see them around my house.. What’s going on?”
Me: “It’s just that I found the cats showing up from between the bars only for them! Even the pigeons seem like they know them!”
Sals: “Oh, they’re incredible! They always feed the cats & hang around with them.. I even saw one of the sisters carrying a dead cat WITH HER BARE HANDS off the middle of the road! The poor cat was hit by a car.. They really take good care of these cats..”
Me: “Wow, mashaAllah, they’re not normal sals! Tenderhearted is the word!”
Sals: “Well, as a matter of fact, they are “abnormal”.. They have some kind of a disability that I’m not so familiar with..”

What happened to the “normal” people? Where has the compassion gone? Why is it abnormal to see some kindness anywhere in our time? It’s got to be a weird thing seeing a man feeding a dog, or a woman simply contemplating & enjoying a good weather! It’ll be extremely bizarre if you find a man helping another man carrying his groceries..

Yesterday, an embassy nearby was on fire.. As I was running downstairs to move the car from where I’ve parked it (as I parked it next to the embassy; & the firefighters needed that space to get their truck) I noticed that people were acting normal! Some were even laughing while watching the pitch black smoke! Some were pointing at the fire & giggling! Others were just glancing out of curiosity & asking some silly questions; to know the stupid details that they always love to hear to be constantly “FILLED IN WITH EVERYTHING”..

We’re awfully cold,
While no one is told..

We’re getting old,
& we'll be easily sold..

It’ll then be hard to mold,
All of these rotten folds..


wonders said...

It is very sad Sara to realize that humans are not at all considerate of each other or the other beautiful souls that share the earth with us

sara said...

very.. very.. sad..

mayG said...

this is such an eye opener.. we are so busy trying to outdo each other in the rat-race called life, it doesn't even occur to us that we don't find time to be humane..

hope your message reaches out, starts a chain reaction. I'd love to see each one of us make an effort at going out of our way to be compassionate as this "abnormality" catches on :D

sara said...


I'm glad you felt it :D

This for me does it all :D :D

Maryam said...

Very true, There's hardly any compassion and care left for others in todays world, which is such a pity.

I remember the time i visited India and saw people fighting on the road,and people gathered around them enjoying their free show .... Disgusting, really.

sara said...

Oh, that's just pathetic!

I remember once in a summer in Cairo, when I was young, there was a big fight between a man & a woman in the middle of the street at night.. I ran to the window & found that it started getting physical & no one did A THING!

That was freaky..


aashely said...

Very true Sara!Instead to get a step ahead and help out someone,we simply laugh and turn on our energies to dumb discussion...senseless craeture we are..anyhow Individaul effort effects though litlle but it shows humans are living and breathing and get touched...Nice piece of writing!!

Hicham said...

Feeding Cats + Birds = Abnormal?

Well I just wonder who's abnormal those days while chasing illusions in the name of whatever!

And let them feed the cats all the way :)

p.s. wa'alikum Assalam wa rahmatu Allah; yes has been a looong time alhamdu lilah, thanks sis.

sara said...

"living and breathing and get touched" > I doubt that happening now!
Thanks for liking the writing.. That's my heart out for you <3

I'm sure I'm among the "abnormal" crowd, PROUDLY :D
P.S. you're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful words, and amazing support. Your prayers have paid off. I'm really grateful

Thank you

Anonymous said...

The world has/is changing beyond recognition. We have become cold hearted, behaviors which once were regarded as normal not so long ago are considered abnormal today. I think blame it on the rising populations & this rat race where your only concern is to earn as much money as possible.

sara said...

AH (ya Rab never angry no more),
Isn't Rabinna Kareem? Isn't He sooooooooo Qareeb? Don't you just love Him?
May Allah grant you sakeena forever Mr. AH (no more A inshaAllah).. Amen :)

I don't know what money is anyway! I can't seem to SEE it!
People's eyes are fadya big time!
Oh, & hearts too :(

***TinKer BeLL*** said...

Whats interesting is how the definition of 'abnormality' is changing. Sometimes, its your physical appearance that make you look abnormal. At other times, it includes certain behaviors. Nowadays, its the very specific actions that are supposed to define humanity.

I'm glad that the 'abnormal' actions made you look through those 2 special 'abnormal' ladies.

sara said...


I'm glad that you're glad that the "abnormal" actions made me lok through those two special "abnormal" ladies :D