Sunday, March 09, 2008

~ God Is Beautiful ~

(illustration's source)

A muslim sister living in a muslim country: "Sweetie, just a second! I wanna give you a piece of advise hoping you'd accept it from me as your sister.. I love you & respect you & just.. Well, I see you walk in here every morning with this sweet smile of yours & young face & all I can feel is pity! I'm not trying to get personal here or mean to invade your privacy or anything, but the way you walk, oh dear.. I just feel sorry for you.. Honey, you need to wear some colors, put on a little bit of make up, you know, "beautify yourself a li'l".. This seriousness that you walk with & loose gown ain't gonna get you any marriage proposals.. I care for you.. I really do.. You seem young & pretty & God Has granted you this beauty for you to feel & share.. Not to suppress it.. "God Is beautiful & Loves beauty", right? Show it to yourself, I'm not saying for men or anything.. For you.."

A non-muslim sister living in a muslim country: "I agree with her dearie, you look like a nun & this won't get you anywhere.. I think you should, you know, "open up a bit".. I don't mean for men, just for yourself.. The way I do my hair every morning is for my own sake, not for men to enjoy.. You should celebrate your beauty, not kill it! I feel for you, you're young & you can't be doing this at this early age! Is your dad doing this to you?"


Proudly, I contained myself & tried to imagine what our mother Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) would have done.. How she'd have replied.. How/what would she feel.. I didn't get mad for myself, nope, didn't get angry for me.. I felt like: ALHAMDULILLAH RABIL'ALAMEEN :) How thankful & grateful I am ya Allah! The best thing about this whole incident is my pudding.. I went later on & told him this story; to see his reaction.. A twelve year old's reaction.. And let me tell ya, I WAS PROUD :)

12 year old Puddingy: "Saraaaaaaaaaaaa :@ I wish they could understand.. Did you tell them the number of proposals you get? Sara, you know what, tomorrow, I want you to wear your black scarf.. Don't wear any of the colored ones you have for tomorrow.. Show them that you're strong in what you believe in.. You know what? If they ever talk to you about it again, tell them my 12 year old brother is telling you that this is rude of you & it's not really a nice thing when you beautify yourself in front of men.. That's not beauty! They can eat you with their eyes.. Do you like displaying your detailed form? Is this what you want?...."

He was cutely bothered, angry & sad :D Oh how I wish I could see more of pudding's heart in other boys' chests!


Anonymous said...

"You should celebrate your beauty?"

But what is the definition of beauty? This is the question you should ask the people who gave you the advice? And spending money on cosmetics & stuff to make you "beautiful", is this the celebration they meant? Well, I see that as stupidity, not celebration :-)

May Allah help you find a partner who is good for you in the both worlds.

plz plz plz, remove word verification !!

sara said...


Well, thanks for commenting while typing annoying word verification :)

Sorry about that..

Umm, amen to your prayer.. May you also "be united with the one you're destined to be united with.." Amen :)

Btw, I find it sad more than stupid :( They were serious DG :'(

Beautiful-Disaster said...

Asalamu Alaikum sara,

I can so relate to this post. I get this all the time, but not from strangers, but my own family. They keep telling me to stop prouncing around like a black widow. I'm not as strong as you, so I did give in, for a little while I started to take their advice. However, I came back to my senses Alhamdulillah.

May Allah (swt) preserve your little brother's beautiful wisdom, Ameen.

Take care,

Kind Regards.

Anonymous said...

Now, Thats a pretty impressive answer from a 12 year old.... !!!!


sara said...

BD (sorry to know that there is a disaster going on!),
Man, what's wrong with people? How do they function? I too have some family members who don't quiet get it!!!! One of them told me "plz go change this scarf, I won't go out with you like this!! you're depressing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
This really funny sheikh has once said: "Women should cover themselves, IT MAKES SENSE.. Men simply enjoy looking at women! It's one of their high pleasures.. And oh, there are men who say "shiekh, but I don't feel anything when I see a woman wearing a tight outfit or showing her skin.." Okay, I'm not talking to you, I'm talking about MEN.. M.E.N. ...." :D
& amen to your prayer.. Pudding is such a special kid :) But he's being so stubborn lately :@

You'd love him if you get see him.. I'm so sure about that :D

Anonymous said...

Seriousness should be dealt seriously too :-)

sara said...

It's relative DG.. The prophet (pbuh) used to deal with people accordding to their mentality.. Right?

These ladies weren't ready then to accept anything.. AT ALL! You know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the "Law of Ignoring" which says that the stuff you don't like, let it inside from one ear & throw it out from the other without letting it mess with your brain :-D

sara said...

Heard of it, but hardly ever done it! It's so hard for me to do that :(