Thursday, March 20, 2008

~ The Promise ~

While I was sitting this morning reading in my warm corner in our pretty very inspirational balcony, pudding came & sat next to me.. The sun rays were all over him & I
got lost in his young angelic face.. 'He's growing!' I sighed.. I don't want him growing! I want him to stay where he is! The birds were singing & I was honestly jealous.. They don't get to be questioned & we do.. Pudding won't always be "my li'l puddingy", will he? He'll soon be accountable for all it is that he's doing.. Oh, my li'l pudding is growing.. *sigh*
We can do it, I know we can.. We sin & repent.. And sin again.. And repent again.. The thought that keeps me hanging in here is that: as long as we're breathing, we get another chance.. That's true brothers & sisters (I always wonder why I'm used to saying brothers before sisters, ain't it funny?).. We get another chance :D
I also see that women (talkative gender) do get more chances of their sins being wiped off than men do.. We go through monthly pains.. Carry children.. And so much more.. While men have to carry themselves along with others & strive hard, so hard.. May Allah make it easy on all of those trying hard.. And may He The Strongest grant 'em the strength to hang in there, until their time comes.. Amen :)
I'd love to share here with you today a sweet sweet incident that took place last night :) Well, while swimming in the pool last night, this li'l almost 5 year old kiddo came in & made all these funny things in the water & drew everyone's attention.. I couldn't stop watching him.. He came up to me & kept on making hard efforts in showing off his swimming skills ;) And when the time came for everyone to leave, I noticed him with his mom on the side of the pool getting ready to leave & go bathe.. Everyone left except us.. I was close enough to hear the following:
Cute Kiddo: "Mommy!"
Cute Kiddo's Mom: "Yes baby?"
CK: "I wanna tell you something, but promise you won't get mad first?"
CKM surprisingly: "Umm, what is it?"
CK: "No you gotta promise first!"
CKM worryingly: "I promise! What is it?"
CK: "Say wAllahi?"
CKM: "Wallahi!"
CK pleadingly: "WAllahi you won't get mad?"
CKM nervously: "WAllahi I won't get mad! Say it baby.."
CK: "It's just that, the little hairs laying on the back of your neck from this swim cap & the goggles you're wearing make you look like a.. ahhh.. look like.."
CKM: "What baby?"
CK in a low voice: "You look like a mouse!"
CKM teasingly: "I look like a mouse? Is that how I look like?"
CK regretfully: "But maaaaaaa, you said you won't get mad?!"
CKM: "I look like a mouse?"
CK: "It's just that.. Mommyyyyyy, come on?!"
CKM: "I'm not mad, I'm not mad.. But MOUSE? :P"
CK relieved & happy: "hehehehehehehehe :D"


Beautiful-Disaster said...

Asalamu Alaikum Sara,

I pray that you and your family are in the best of health and Imaan, Insha-Allah.

Another wonderful post.

Growing has its ups and downs. Sometimes I wish that I was a little girl again, able to play all day, be so inquisitive & cute like the little cute kiddo you speak of. But I guess growing up is part of life...but the other thing about growing up for me, is all the regrets, all the things I didn't do that I oughta have done, or those things I did do that I shouldnt have done. Yeah, I know I shouldnt regret, just learn and repent and move on....but its so hard at times. But Sara, you're right, we must repent, every single day, Insha-Allah. Growing up, learning from our mistakes...and repenting to our Creator is part of our life.

Despite the fact your little pudding is growing up, he will always be your little pudding in your eyes....just remember that.

Saying "brothers and sisters" is easier than saying "sisters and brothers" the former flows easily and sounds better in a strange way. I'm guilty of it too.

Gosh, I wrote so sorry sis...didn't mean to fill up your space..

Wish you all the best, Insha-Allah

Wa-alaikum Salaam

sara said...

Walaikum assalam BD,

We are fine alhamdulillah.. Thanks for the prayer :) And aldo for the compliment :D

Repent & repent & repent.. May Allah accept us BD.. Amen.

Pudding is growing :@ I just worry for him :( Habeeeeeeeeby pudding.. Yup, he'll always be my li'l pudding, no matter what he says.. Lately he's been calling himself "my man".. God, he's the cutest :)

And oh, brothers & sisters is waaaaaaaaaay easier ;)

And pleeeease, what do you mean fill up my space? Blogger has granted us a lotta space, don't worry ;)


I wish you all the best too BD :)

The best of you to you & to all that surrounds you :)

Have a great special lovely day!

P.S. I've always wondered what does blogger get by giving us this? What's the catch?

MASS said...

ahh i wrote a comment and it got lost ...

well i ll just write the less thought out part of it

that lil boy will grow up to be a playa!

mayG said...

I can sooo relate to your feelings about how kids grow up so fast, you're not done enjoying their baby-ness hehe..

the swimming pool story is so cute :D

sara said...

It's sooooooo annoying writing something & losing it.. SO DAMN ANNOYING :@
Sorry about that!
And oh my God! It's like you already saw him!!!!!!! So true.. I pray he doesn't though.. It'll break some girl's heart :(

I KNOW! But still, you know what? All men are boys in a way, don't you think? ;)
& regarding the swimming pool, man, I wish I took a picture of his cheekiness ;)

mayG said...

lol! yeah I would know.. I bore one kid but am raising two - one is my mother in laws's son ;)

it sure looks like daughters grow so much faster - the other day I got a little clumsy in the kitchen, dropped a few things, burnt my hand a bit, and yelped in pain.. my daughter, barely two and not able to speak more than two words per sentence came running to say "CAREFUL MAMA!" in such an authoritative yet caring way that left me awed.. she sure seems to be growing up fast!

sara said...

hahahahhaaaaa :D "one is my mother in law's"


I LOVE BABY GIRLS :D They sure grow up faster than boys :)