Saturday, October 01, 2005


We all know of the famous hadith:
The people of Israel divided into 72 sects, my Ummah will divide into 73 sects, all of them are in the hellfire, and one of them is in paradise." We asked "which one is saved?" the Prophet (saw) said: "the one that is on what Me and my companions are on today.""

[Sunan ibn Majah 3981, Kitaab Al Fitan]

When we talk about religions, we have a tendency to forget to include the atheists, who are a very growing factor in the world today. I say to include the athiests because in fact, they do believe something. When they say that there is no God, they deny Allah, but yet when you ask them, "Where did everything come from" they will begin to explain the Big Bang THEORY, Evolution THEORY, and Darwin's THEORY. So when you ask them, "Is this what you believe?" They will say, "Yes!" You ask them, "Have you any proof or is it a THEORY?" That means they do believe something and they have no proof. Therefore, it should be considered a religion according to Islamic terms. What we find today is a large number of people entering Islam all over the world (Side Note: The majority are women are coming first). However, at the same time, we neglect a very serious statistic. For every one person entering into Islam, there are an untold number of people leaving all the religions, including Islam for secularism or absolute disbelief (Kufr).


As an American Muslim I have seen astonishing growth of Islam in our state, But I am also seeing a growth of somthing more then Islam called "Sufism" and "Secular" "Modern" Muslims, Why do think that this growth has also been steady, Is due to the outside forces or is it just Islam, with many groups like the christans. Please explain.



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