Friday, August 11, 2006


Through the window of my hotel's room in:
The best description of the days I spent there,
is all written in this song:

There was merriment and joy,
a smile on the face of every girl and boy.
The streets of Yathrib welcomed in
the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad,
Sallallahu `alaihi was salam.
A full, white moon,
shone down upon the land,
rising from the valley between hills of sand.
Being greatful to Allah was the Prophet’s demand,
spreading peace through the streets of Madinah.
Madinah tun-Nabi, Madinah tun-Nabi
The city of the Prophet is like home to me.
I’ll travel through the world but I doubt that I will see,
a city with such wonder as Madinah.
Now the narrow winding roads,
are so full of history;
Streets shake with the Azan from Masjid-Un-Nabi.
I feel the shadow of the Prophet gently cooling me
as I walk through the streets of Madinah.
The man who reads Qur’an `neath a date palm tree,
and a smile from the child on the street selling tea,
enchant me with their beauty and their simplicity
as I walk through the streets of Madinah.
Oh, Enlightened City!
Even in my sleep you call to me.
Time, has hurried by, time has traveled on so fast,
and though wisdom and truth will always last,
I wish, I wish, I wish that I could climb into the past
and live with the Prophet in Madinah.
My heart is never far from the home of the Ansar,
and the city of The Prophet, Al Medinah.
***Words and melody: D.Wharnsby***
PS: YEP, thats Masjid-Un-Nabi shining through the darkness of the night. I'm so thankful... Alhamdu belongs only to You, Rabi, Rabb al'alameen.
And Daddy, Mama el'otta, I'll pray for you forever...
and much more ; )
So many memories... dunno from where to start... I recall walking towards the masjid, for fajr, not alone, but with hundreds of other ppl, desperate to reach there first... I think my body was faster than me; while walking, pulling me as fast as it could, and baba and mama right with me, and the street full of humps and what not... people whispering prayers in different languages, old ppl on wheelchairs holding booklets, and crying for Allah to forgive all their bad deeds... bad bad deeds... May Allah wash us from all those horrible sins, sins that I am so ashamed of even remembering... Ya Allah... And yeah, mama putting her soft hand on my back praying for me, baba helping that lady pushing the wheelchair to overcome that huge hump, aaaaaaand... there it is, the MASJID... now that, I can't describe..., but only one thing, that security lady, taking away my camera... That was bad : (
May I go there again and die there...Amen. And whoever wishes so... Amen.


Veiled Muslimah said...

Assalam Alaykum,

Mashallah, good post.

Your in U.A.E?

SempliceMente90 said...
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sara said...

aha thats right...
and thanx.