Thursday, March 26, 2009

*b*o*n*n*e* *n*u*i*t*

Thank You God for the rain :) And sorry for asking for too many things, but who else would I turn to other than You? Who truly listens other than You? Thank You for the rain Ya Lateef <3........ (I hope it rained where you are RR..)
I want to ask everyone in this world: What does really really matter to you?.. Like really? What is it that takes hold of your heart, your mind, your everything? If you're not sure of your answer, then please please please consider looking for one..
*nighty* *night*


P.S. I love it when teta says "nighty night" to me :) Missing you tatoot <3


Anonymous said...

nice blog hoooon waaaaaw :)

mmmm lots of things BT i wont till u :pppppppp

Jk- hhhhh
if i start im not gonna finish, so ill keep it for myself :(

and nite nite xoxox ;)

His Sweetheart said...

Pursuing my higher studies and living a fairy tale love story!

Oh, getting the job I dream about before anything else :)

sara said...

I didn't mean for you guys to tell me as in tell me, knowing what really matters to you is IT ;)

Juju :)
You're always sweeeeeeeeeet :D

Amen <3

UmmBlog said...

Okay, I won't tell you :p

maroo said...

el7amdulla 4 everything :)
and 4 me living a true love story with an extraordinary guy :)

sara said...

Missed ya girl!

Ya Rab yefarah albik we tet-hany babygirl <3

Restful Rain said...

Its being so long since I last swim in your beautiful lake of magic :) I missed it so much
and to see my name on it's diamond surface is an honor :)

You know! if it didn't rain one day I'll die...I'm like the fish and rain is my sea...I set in the middel of Al Ain heat hearing and smelling rain...Its love...and when you love something it lives inside you like your soul :)
I always wonder if I die will I meet the rain's spirit and be a freind of it? would he love me the way I love him? will we be friends? In Sha Allah, we will

Luv & Prayers
Restful Rain