Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seek The Everlasting Mercy :)

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"And I don’t want the world to see me,
‘Cuz I don’t think that they’d understand..
When everything is made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am..

~ Iris ~


Belonging to God means a lot to me.. Knowing that from Him I come & to Him is my return makes me feel calm at the end of all of them rough days.. Knowing that He knows me well, and that I don’t have to explain me to Him, makes it much easier to carry on breathing.. At a lotta times, I see all the lights going down, and right at those very times, I try to focus and remember, that He’s the source of Light.. All light.. He’s Light.. Everlasting Light..
Every day, I take new steps.. And with all the stumbles and falls, I hold on to some certainties, all my way long.. One reminds me that He’s totally Aware of it all.. Another is that His Mercy always surrounds me and is way beyond my grasp.. And those very beliefs make me see the flowers on the side of this busy road.. They make me smell the sweetness of the fresh bread before even getting to the bakery.. They make me hear the birds sing despite all of them noisy horns.. They set me free of all ties.. They’re just like a ribbon tied around my heart, keeping it from breaking.. Pulling me together in one piece.. One piece eventually.. Breathing in and out miraculously into a soul that has no place.. No color or face.. One that He only Sees and Knows, more than I myself do.. And I still wonder, is it a good piece, good enough for everything.. Good enough for walking here.. Good enough for this existence.. This crazy existence that roars and sleeps all at once.. I wonder.. You see....... Dunno.. What do you see? Do you see you? Yes you? Yourself? Do you see me? Do you see them? What do you see? I see beauty.. I do! In the midst of this smoke, I see beauty whenever I wanna see it.. Look around.. To what’s up.. Can you see that? Yes, it’s the sky.. The S K Y :) Reach out, 'cuz the world is bigger than you only if you don’t let it all in.. Take it in, inhale it, and you will become larger than life itself.. You are a living miracle.. So take your time, look and see, smell the flowers, and enjoy the life that you’ve been granted, ‘cuz you’ll live it only once :) God’s Beauty lies within our very selves, doesn’t it :)


Smiley Amal said...

yes, but life is short..live to the best you can be, prepare for the everlasting life...missing you loads

sara said...

Umm sajidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

You're right young lady.. Too short! Too too short to waste it in even sleeping! May God bless our times, amen!

P.S. Thank God you only miss me and don't feel like killing me, or do you? :$
You know I love you umm sajoody, right? right? :$

Small Blue Thing said...

Wow. I'm shocked. It is so well explained. Subhanallah! :)

sara said...

And I thought it could never be ;)

Thanks :D