Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's A 2-way Thing
"It's A 2-way Thing" Dedicated to the many men who still haven't figured it out.
Think that the old saying isn't true?
Think that if you don't take care of her that she'll still take care of you?
Believe that if you don't treat her good that she'll still be good to you?
Good women have their limits too
Don't ever think that you have the one that will always stay with you
Don't ever take advantage that you found a good woman to be with you
Even good women hurt and get tired
Even a good woman's patience expires
There is a reason why Allah took her from your rib and not your feet
It's so that she's equal to you and not the dirt that lies underneath your feet
If you want her to take care of you, then do your part too
If you want her to always be loving, beautiful and true Let her know that you will always be those things too
No one is perfect and women understand that
But don't abuse that fact
What goes around comes around so don't think that Allah isn't watching you
Be faithful and good to her and she'll appreciate you more when she looks at you
Be gentle, considerate, honest, and loving and she'll make a King out of you
Don't underestimate the value of a good husband to a wife
A good husband doesn't have to worry about losing the good woman in his life
For it's a good man who truly understands that a woman is a delicate and special beauty
A special and sacred gift given by Allah's Mercy
He made woman strong enough to endure the world's pain
But made a good husband to be the one to wipe her tears when it becomes overwhelming pain It's the little things that count the most
It's the simplest things that make a good husband gain his great worth.
P.S. Women: the same goes for you! Alhamdulilah marriage is a two-way thing....Allah knew that one couldn't do it for two. If a husband and wife work together and bond together they will become the greatest team and a wonderful outlet for Allah's happiness.
By: Your Sis Dali

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