Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Muslim Citizen In A Global Village.

To achieve happiness it is important to know the meaning of life clearly. If we were simply created for the dust heap of temporary galactical existence, then human life and endeavor would appear futile. Sadly, the purpose of existence still remains largely a secret, undiscovered by many fellow human beings. Yet this secret is explained in the Qur'an and other Divine scriptures before it, but how many have noted it or understood? 'Wa maa khalaqt -ul-Jinna wal-Insa illa li ya'budoon'

(And We did not create Jinn or Mankind except to serve and worship Me)

The Creator of this universe, therefore, cannot be ignored. Happiness is connected to fulfillment of one's noble destiny. That is why people who set their life's goals on satisfying their own desires, chasing false gods and material dreams before they get old or die, ultimately miss the great highway to happiness.

And for every highway there is a map, and warning signs on the road.

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Small Blue Thing said...

Salaam Alaikum, sis.

("galactical temporary existence"... I like how it sounds! :)

Maybe that sort of human indolence is a consequence of solitude. Remember what I wrote about a while ago?

Remember what I told you aobut people who look for "a religion" instead for a life path? I´ve met people who came to my meditation centre lookin' for "converting to Buddhism"... trying to fit themselves in a community. They wanted to become buddhists to belong anywhere.

Poor, lonely people :(

Of course they got deceipt when told about there were no "community" or "brotherhood" to belong... just people like them trying to survive this world of selfishness and codicy.

Maybe the answer relays in Heaven... looking ONLY to Heavens, only inside one´s soul. We have not much time to become "social"...

... But looking to Heaven is always more difficult than looking to a manual of this or that social code...

... and lookinf inside one´s soul is always harder than looking self-help books, TV preachers and the other stuff.

May He Who Let us know each other let people to meet their soul brothers and sisters and... not find the Trut, just keep looking for It ;)

Love and Peace
Blue Thing