Sunday, November 06, 2005

Who We Are .........

Now answer me this. Think about it carefully now. Think long and hard if you have to coz most of the people I know stutter for a lifetime when posed with this question. It is a simple question, with the highest implications I have ever seen. It not only has the direct potential of changing your life, but everyone around you. Yes, I said everyone. That can - and probably does - include every living soul on this planet.
The answer to this question is an insight into your own personality. And your own biases, your own fears and your own attempts at being not-so-modest. heh. Ladies and Gentlemen, this question is the bomb. Answer it carefully now.
“What would you do if you could do any and everything?”
One liner question. Simple really, as promised. Just remove the restrictions for a moment. The family pressures, your own home-grown, self-built, grade 60 steel cages, your own inhibitions and your own fears. Toss them out the
window. There. No holds, no obligations, no must-do’s, no cant-do’s. Especially no cant-do’s.
What life would you choose? What goals would you achieve? Where would you want to be? With whom? Doing what? Changing the world? Then you be asking yourself as to how? Would you tone it down a notch and start by changing your own country that you call - almost by force - your home? Or would you be practical enough to start by changing your community, maybe your own ethnic group or your own neighborhood? Or you really going to start by doing what every great man and woman and history has started out by doing; change yourself?
Would you plan to start living on the moon? Or would you be content with just living off your salary? What about taking a round-trip
around the world? Three times over? Start businesses - successful ones, mind you - in every country on the face of the planet? Or are you content with just doing a nine-to-fiver for a financial institute? Would you want to be the richest man in the world? Or the happiest? Or intelligent enough to get both?
What would you do if you could do any or everything?

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