Friday, November 17, 2006

Could hardly breathe! !!get a grip!!

Oh yesterday!
I was humiliated, betrayed, shocked, betrayed again, scared, hurt, terrified, himiliated again, oppressed, hurt again..
And the worst part was that, I couldn't sleep; as I couldn't breathe!!
You know when this inner part of your chest aches,
That part right in the middle of your shaking soul?
You know when your pillow sinks in tears,
Salty tears that wont stop flowing for long?
And you tell yourself, the sun will shine,
But it takes so long, that you think it never will!
And you wait for the world to change,
But it ends up not moving an inch?!
Oh Allah help me now,
To change this world to a better one.
I don't mind it happenning to me,
As long as I'm not causing it to someone else!
Wallahi it was so unfair!
But thank God this injustice happened to me, and not me causing it to anyone else..
Momekh said:
"Life has a way of sorting things out… a helping hand there, a slap in the face here… and you are still on track–tipping, hands stretched out with eyes squeezed–but u r there, still somewhere between the tracks, yeah u r there. Everybody is I figure. I know I am. I feel that way. But the enemy of Best is Good, and u can live your whole life just tip-toeing andin the end all you have is an ache in the arms and a autobiography that could pass for a tragedy. As one trapeze artist said to another, “Get a grip”…and yes, getting a grip is that important....."


Small Blue Thing said...

What has happened? I have just dropped by here after working... and found you betrayed.

If it's useful for you, I won't betray you, ok?

I'll make du'a for you tonight. I mean, specifically ;)

SempliceMente90 said...

shedy 7eelek ya sis.....
mesh kol 7aga fel denya sahla....
kol wa7ed fel denya lazem haymor be 7agat sa3ba....but wat u went through yest. wasnt nice at all....
rabena ma3aky we ma3ana gamee3an...

sara said...

love you two..