Saturday, June 09, 2007

"no pain no gain"

The hard way..
Real hard way..
That's how you appreciate..
Get rid of everything?
You CAN'T in the first place!
Get through?
That's what you GOTTA do!
"Be strong child… they said;
in the face of any storm
Be brave child… they said;
when the lonely nights are cold
Advice from friends and strangers;
like the matter was all up to me
Put themselves in my shoes;
test how strong and brave they’ll be
There is only so much one can handle;
some shocks too great to comprehend
Must look for the force within;
must believe that time will mend
Holding on to my faith as I face this storm
Praying ever moment for nights less lonely less cold
Brave and Strong I ain’t! I’m just a child growing old."
La vie en rose?
Hell no!
Louis Armstrong fooled me..
It's not even funny..
Use your mind..
It's there for a reason..
And that's where my problem lies!
I do have one though..
It's impossible to float still on the swimming pool's water..
But it's so possible in the sea..
See, it works..
Does it?
So blue?
And why is blue related to sadness?
Where did I go wrong?


Juka said...

Flattered. This was written following the death of someone close.

sara said...

AWWW.. :(

Pray for them.. May Allah grant them mercy.. Don't ever forget them from your du'as..

Well written sweety :)

Love you :)