Friday, June 15, 2007

Shy Mimosa!

There’s this thing I was told, that I’m not so sure of it’s authenticity.. Well, I was told that when girls are born, they come to the world with their faces facing earth instead of heaven.. And boys the other side.. I was told that girls specifically come out that way so that they’d be covered than revealed!! Dunno how true this is, but I never forgot it.. How beautiful & delicate!!

I remember how I started changing from wearing pants (outside the house) to skirts & then more loose dresses & so forth.. And then from light attractive colors to darker ones.. A lotta people surrounding me criticized me by telling me "you’re young, why trying to look like a 90 year old" .. Well, ‘cuz I’m not supposed to look cute to them men, DUUUUUH!

Let me ask you, how do you girls dare look so beautiful outside, in front of all those eyes?! Looking at my cousin, I see all the answers..

She’s 3 year old now.. My cute li’l amooona :) As I see her growing, I see how she gets more & more conscience about her body.. She slowly, day after day covers up.. When going to the bathroom with satta (me, she calls me satta), she makes sure the door is shut.. Who taught her that? She’s only 3.. Well that’s the instinctive nature that we all choose whether to live by or wipe off..

What happened with those semi-naked girls I see out there, is that they were told: “It’s ok, God loves beauty & he gave you all that to show it off & share it with the world.. Shine on..” Well, NO! He didn’t give it to her to ENTERTAIN MEN.. Na ah!! That’s not given to you to be touched & checked out by them all.. Please learn from
It’s a plant for God’s sake!! Watch her.. May we stay untouched & clean & live to enjoy all that is HALAL only.. Amen.

How did the world get that far?! A man, long ago, punished himself ‘cuz he laid his eyes on a woman’s heels that showed accidentally under her long dress.. What has happened to men now?! They got used to seeing women’s everything?! How?! They stopped even blushing when seeing a woman’s leg or whatever!! I feel so bad!! For all.. For women who show themselves off, happily.. And feel so bad for men who lost their decency & sense of right & wrong.. Shaking hands has become etiquette between men & women!! If you don’t you’re outdated..

I don’t shake men’s hands.. Simple! It’s HARAM!! Forbidden for a woman to touch any man unless he’s her dad, brother husband, uncle, grandpa etc.. What’s hard to understand?! Respect it, even if you don’t like or agree with it.. Even if it’s strange..

I met with Mr.
Derek Culley
& his gorgeous wife a month ago.. They’re Irish & not Muslim & so not familiar with any of this (Islamic teachings).. So, I firstly met with his wife.. An amazing sweet creative person.. We had a long chat & then Mr. Derek came.. He put his hand up for a shake & I put forth my pocket (first thing in my hand) & shook his hand with it, instead of my own hand.. He asked me: “why?”.. I explained.. Guess what was his response? He said: “I’m so sorry to put my hand, I didn’t intend for any offense, I never knew this..” And smiled.. I was sooooooooooooo happy by his respectful reaction.. Maybe he doesn’t believe in this being right, but he respected it.. How respectful & decent of him!

We had a great talk about
his abstract paintings
& my crazy photography interests ;)

What happened to my muslim brothers and sisters? How did they get sooooooo far away?! At the beginning I used to get crazy seeing all this.. Hated it all.. But now, I pity them & pray for them.. May Allah guide us all & keep us on the right straight path, that’s surrounded with a lotta good looking delusions.. Amen.


Maqsood Qureshi said...

You've got immense, colossal courage, self-discipline, self-restraint blah-blah-blah to be so chaste, pious and pristine. By the way, have you ever seen Venus's-flytrap plant?

LuLu...! said...


sara said...


wallahi me too ya zuzu ;)

strange one in black! said...

Beautiful article Saraa.
If a person leaves his nature with the people of his time, his nature will steal from theirs and he will become similar to them,I ask Allah to keep you firm upon the teachings of islam, and guide all my muslim sisters. Ladies wakeup!most of the people in hell are women!!

sara said...

And most people of heaven are women :)

With respect,