Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mailbox usage……

Photograph by nissou*
["photograph" is a less description of what this truly is.. This is a unique gift! Go nissou, go nissou, go nissou:) ]

Mailbox usage: 1% of 5 GB…… That’s the message I see when signing in to my online account (that's been registered since: 29 September 2003.. I have 1496 messages so far).. How comforting! It gives you this amazing satisfying feeling that you can still have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than you already have & you won’t have to delete anything you’ve got.. You’re only filling ONE PERCENT of the space you HAVE.. How wonderful! And for a second there, I thought to myself, can this possibly be where I’m standing in life? Like can my “mailbox” be my entire worldly life & my “mailbox usage” be my past? Of course not.. It can’t be that I’ve only lived 1% of my life & 99% is still to come.. It just can’t be.. How many more moments do I have left? And the years that have been gone, are they enough to put me through the big test? Just wondering..

Looking back at my past, I see unfinished stuff that ended without me…… Just without me.. And I also see things that are still hanging with me, while they were supposed to be outdated long back…… I hang on to things firmly..

By the way, why is it that when someone dies, we say they “passed away”? Why not passed on (as in passed on to the next life)? I like it better.. Don’t you? Anyways, I wish death had the only power to make people miss each other.. Distance is one of the other reasonS.. Distances.. *sighs*

I miss you bro.. I wanna thank you for the teddy.. And for that hemisphere thing that contains water along with that tiny yellow duck.. I think it’s been over ten years now.. Right? You were a wee lad back then ;) Oh bro, I miss you.. I’m missing you constantly.. Everything has been reminding me of you lately.. It sometimes seems that the whole world is calling out your name.. Mama says there’s even a bank that has recently launched carrying your name.. So now it’s oils & banks? And Qur’an of course.. Oh, it’s just everywhere.. Brooooooooooooooo, you are everywhere to me.. I pray for you day & night.. I pray to see you soon.. Amen.

Always remember:

Ain't no mountain high enough

Ain't no valley low enough

Ain't no river wide enough

To keep me from getting to you

Back to my mailbox, I wonder when will it ever be full?




UPDATE: Days from posting this, my mailbox usage changed from:

1% to 2% of 5 GB

hahaha :D



Anonymous said...

Do you realize how freakishly similar you are to me. :S

Check this one:

This is almost the exact stuff you say. I said it a long time ago.

And this:

And check out the following lines from another post:
"people ask God to show things clearly to them
i ask Him to make me ignorant
or take me above this small world
i am stuck
ignorant of how things work
in your head
in your heart
with your soul as fuel
and your body as a puppet
these are the 4 things humans are made of"
This is from

Strange!!! o_O

sara said...

No way!

So are you telling me that you specialize in killing the humor bugs like me? "sara: Do you specialize in killing the humor bugs?"


I always wonder, how people can be so different, yet have a lot in common!

Reading your words, brought some words from "I am sam" to my ears..

From "I am sam": "how can we be so different, yet feel so much alike.." or something like that..

With respect,

Anonymous said...

You break my heart.

sara said...

is that so? that's never my intention..

Anonymous said...

Yeah? But now its out there, and its not coming back! and it smells funny!

sara said...

Well, I can't smell nothing!