Monday, December 17, 2007

** tap out your rhythm **

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Working Hard.. Two words that tire you as soon as you hear them.. Working Hard.. People refer to working hard differently.. I loved what Seth Godin wrote on Labor Day..

It’s quite interesting seeing people perform different tasks.. What’s even more exciting, is seeing people do things you can’t do.. Yesterday, I was staring at this construction site through a window & it was fascinating to me seeing what those guys in green uniforms can do! And a few minutes after studying the scene, I was astonished to notice one of the workers standing on top of a few bricks & tapping his feet to some rhythm in his head! I couldn’t believe my eyes! In the midst of this heat, hammering, banging, yelling, sawing & digging he was tapping his feet & hands & enjoying some unheard beats! Way to go brother :)

Last weekend something so weird happened.. After a long shopping day & while sitting in the car on the way back home, I sneezed.. And in that split second of my sneeze, I saw some hand bags hanging.. It was as if I took a picture of one of those shops that I’ve been to & stuck it to my eyelids! That was magnificent!

Talking of magnificence, I wonder how everybody who's up for hajj is feeling.. Do they comprehend the beauty of this blessing they've been granted? Will I ever go for hajj? May Allah accept our efforts & grant us all His mercy.. Amen.


Never forget:

Tap out your rhythm world :)


nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

'Work hard'.

I am tired already... A very good friend of mine used to say "the problem with the average man is that he is below average".

Fear of hard work in my opinion is the reason.


nuh ibn

Amr said...

I always has this debat with the ppl around, the debate btwn Hard work, and Work with creativity.

Hard work means spending more than enough in doing a traditional job, while working with creativity means spending some time -even on ur own- to reach a better way of doing things, which should make life easier and doesn't need to "work hard", it will be just "work".

I do prefere the 2nd type, however, life really needs both surprisingly with a higher percentage of those who work hard.

sara said...

Brother Nuh,
Fear of hard work is difenately the reason..

Brother Amr,
So true!

Anonymous said...

Ever tried sneezing with eyes open?

sara said...

They said if I do, my eyes will pop out!

Have you tried?

Anonymous said...

Nope... But I am suggesting that you try it. :P

natashaamina said...

Salaam Sara :),

interestung post!I think working hard is important,becouse it makes you feel good.However,also taking time to relax is very important.After all,is it not the most beautiful thing to relax after you know that you have done a good job :).

God bless you Sara and a happy year 2008 :)!

sara said...

natasha :)

It is definitely the most amazing thing to relaaaaax after getting a hard task done! It has it's joy :D

I wish you the very best of you deary, in every second of every minute of every day.. Amen :)

* lottsa luv *

hani said...

'Work hard' ..
i believe we are all here in this earth to work hard .. a a guy who is setting in front of his computer is working hard, and the worker on the street is working hard ..
so i think this "Working Hard" is a bit tricky .. for me i will change it to "Working Efficiency"

sara .. this is a good post .. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

sara said...

Working efficiently is really it..

In other words,

working 'bidameer'


Gold said...

working with love of work is the best

with faith that this is what i wanna spend my life doing

it is marriage

the ultimate happiness as my grandmother's mother used to tell me, is when you are EAGER to do the things you have to do.. eager to wake up and see your wife in the morning, eager to get dressed and go to the job u love to do,, eager to come home to the family that you so much love.. eager to go out in the afternoon to see the friends and folks that love you and you love back..

eager to Please Allah the Almighty

that is a small light placed in the hearts that ask for it..

we all just gonna have to be creative how to ask for it, eh? ;)


sara said...

Yup.. we gotta..

And these were the most beautiful words said on this..

Thank you!