Thursday, January 03, 2008

can you really see ME?

When you’re walking down the street, sitting in between strangers, or just buying something from that shop around the corner, don’t you sometimes wonder, how do people see me? What do they feel when I’m around?
Or what’s the first impression they get when seeing me? Well, I always do.. And it’s sad that the way they see & weigh me, is always based on some very nasty scales.. An example: This Cashier Guy.. Well, I every now & then go to Mr. CG to encash cheques & what not.. And he would ALWAYS give me the cash withOUT placing it in an envelope or at least looking my way! And I would ALWAYS then ask him for an envelope; to put the money in.. He’s actually SUPPOSED to put it for me.. But he never does! The other day, I was going to renew my driver’s license (as it has been expired for months & hopefully I’ll talk about what happened there some other time), and on my way to the car, I saw CG waiting for a cab.. He saw me driving this big fancy car & smiled.. I took off & kept that in mind & knew that I’ll be going to him soon to encash a cheque.. And so I did.. I went with the cheque in my hand & waited in the row & there was my turn.. I stepped & found a big fat smile on his face while actually LOOKING AT ME! He read my name & cared to call it out while handing me the money IN AN ENVELOPE! DO I HAVE TO DRIVE A FANCY CAR TO GET MY MONEY IN AN ENVELOPE?! Is that it?! Is this what people look at? Gosh! What happened to all the living humans out there? Why are they dying & not giving themselves a chance to live? To really live?! I see dead people walking more than the ones alive nowadays! Hope I won’t be another dead person walking down the street, sitting in between strangers or just buying something from that shop around the corner.. I really hope so..
And to CG: It’s really bad to see you!


7aki Fadi said...

People are shallow, it's a fact of life. Some more than the others and it's always good to find out about the bad ones.

roman said...

I guess we all want, maybe even need, people to acknowledge us as actual human beings. What you describe, sister Sara, is a phenomena quite common in crowded cities. We all experience it to some extent. A lack of eye contact and customary service is disrespectful and leaves the customer feeling somewhat empty and alienated.
It is even sadder that the gentleman in your story seems to have spontaneously developed his humanity almost overnight. I often wonder how some people can be of such shallow character.
I wish you happiness in this new year.

sara said...

Mama 7aki,
It's not always good to find out about the bad ones :(

I hate crowded cities! I've always dreamt of going to a country side where it's all green & people are few & they all use old machines for cooking & everything.. And the sky is lit by stars at night :) Only what scares me is the insects..
I hope all is well with you & your beloved ones.. It's been quite some time, but I do remember you & hope all that is good comes your way.. Amen :)

hani said...

don't judge a book by it's cover .. but what to do, it's a reality, people still judge the book by it's cover!

btw, i can't stand a bad customer service, i really can't .. it kills me dealing with them, and most of the time i don't let it go ..

and to CG: i don't like you at all.

sara said...

Tell me about it!

Have you ever noticed that most of the ARAB MUSLIM sellers don't look at you while talking?!


poetic muslim said...

honey the man their shouldnt even look at you any way , maybe he doesnt look at you because he was respecting you , because your hijabi .

sara said...

I wish it was like that.. But it's not.. He can look but yet not look, if you know what I mean..

He looked & put the money in the envelope after seeing me in the car..


Gold said...

Perhaps we are the shallow ones judging what the man judges but not trying to understand what made him so.. in every crime not only the criminal is the one to be blames, but what is behind the making of that criminal..

the issue is way bigger than "people are just plain shallow".. the issue is about who taught those people to be shallow.. they did not rid themselves from their umbilical tube, but someone else did that for them, if u know what i mean.. this man is a victim of an over-materialistic environment, he has but a few pennies of social energy - aside from all the tragedies most probably going about his life - so he decides to spend those few pennies wisely

His smile and the service envelope are all he's got in his life so he has the right to protect them and give them out for only whom he thinks is worthy of them.. same way we don't go on spending our money like crazy for anyone who asks for it..

The only mistake there is that everyone calculates what he or she are gonna GIVE, and always looking for what to TAKE.. no calculations there..

Long time no see Missy, its good to be back into the rational world :)


sara said...

First of all, thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.. It really means a lot..

Second of all, I agree to each & every word said..

"they did not rid themselves from their umbilical tube, but someone else did that for them.." How beautifully explained!

"same way we don't go on spending our money like crazy for anyone who asks for it.." Very true..
And that's really sad :( 'cuz as for us (the crazy hamdy's), we are like those minorities who'd actually spend their money like crazy for ANYONE who asks for it! And being like that in such an ice-cold world isn't really good.. But it's only good for those who never wait for a reward from others..

It's definitely been a long time.. Welcome to the rational world :)

With respect,