Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spilt milk!

sara, you won’t believe what happened today.. I’ve been touched by an angel!

There are still cute loving innocent 12 year olds living in 2008.. There are still sweet kids living in our world.. For a while, I thought there were no kids anymore & that I’m the only kid left in this world :) But this incident proved me wrong.. Here goes..
Pudding was in his school’s recess & just like me happens to love laban (butter milk).. He was having his laban along with a club sandwich (again like me, loves club sandwiches) & all of a sudden, this other kiddo ran so fast & hit pudding’s arm causing the laban to spill.. That kid never said sorry but only paused & then carried on running.. Now this kiddo isn’t our hero.. The innocent angel I’m gonna talk about is still to come.. So anyway, pudding gave that running kid the look & never said a word.. And there comes our hero.. This other, also 12 year old, angel M came & …… No no, I’m not gonna say.. Guess what he did first? You won’t imagine.. Guess.. Just guess.. No, he didn’t go fight with that other kid.. No he didn’t tell pudding not to worry about it.. Okay okay, I’ll say what angel M did..

Well, angel M came from behind pudding, placed one coupon (they buy meals with coupons in this school) in pudding’s pocket & ran off.. Pudding didn’t grasp what has just happened & said “hey” & then our angel M turned around from a distance & waved with his hands saying no problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pudding didn’t believe it! He asked his classmate if he knows this angel & he said that he knows him ‘cuz he goes with him in the bus everyday.. So pudding gave his friend 5 coupons & told him to give them to angel M & wrote him a thank you note..

Can you believe this?! A 12 year old kid giving away one of his coupons? It’s not a matter of having a billion coupons, being rich or not.. It’s a matter of giving & sharing & caring.. And since when do kids care anyway? All I can say is that inshaAllah, this angel will do something to this world.. And even if he never does, he already did to pudding’s.. And to mine..
I wonder how old is “don’t cry over spilt milk”, how did it start, who was the first person to spill their milk.. I love proverbs.. And I always wonder over how did they start, who started them & so on..


Gold said...

Abdo's the name,

Well in follow up to your emotional situation, i'd ran after that kid and given him a deep hug, kissed his both his parents and brought them to tears with what i was gonna say

or maybe i'm just exaggerating.. lol

wouldn't be exaggerating if i display the evil fantasies i have when it comes to those who harm people all the time.. and do more and more harm by raising children who are capable of harming people..

yeah the world is at extremes alright

but angel M's parents are the ones to be thanked in here, after Allah ofcourse; for providing such mercy upon people: merciful sacrificing people

sara said...

Will you believe me if I tell you that I thought about writing his parents a letter?

I might be doing that soon ;)

Anonymous said...

If I was there, I would have told pudding ways to exploit the situation! x_x

sara said...

like how?

Gold said...

lol stinger,

yeah like using the coupons Angel M gave him, AND befriending the fella for more o them :D


sara said...

How evil!

It's all extremists in this world as you've said Abdo :(

Anonymous said...

My precious! x_x

Maryam said...

Sounds good, World hasnt turned all bad yet , I guess.

sara said...

i guess so too ;)