Thursday, January 17, 2008

a big DON'T!

Dear reader,
If you think you’re big enough to go to the post office to mail something, remember to write your addressee’s name & your (sender’s) name & address.. Don’t just write the recipient’s address!!!!!! Things don’t work that way! Capisce?


Anonymous said...

OMG sara, a collegue today just bought these stamps (he collects them)and showed them to me!! :)
weird huh?

do people still send mail by post?

sara said...

OMG! That's sooooo weird.. I actually got those stamps' pics from google!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think they exist anymore! WOW! What a coincidence!

Yep, but few only do I guess..


Gold said...

wow, u got me back to the memories of correspondence.. whoah that was baaaack in the day

cheers :D

sara said...

But for me, it's still an up-to-day living way of correspondence :)

I extremely enjoy every aspect of it :)

Gold said...

well u can say that i'm the impatient son of the speedway life of cyber space :D

but receiving the good ole' envelope for sure had its unique taste.. the handwriting, the twists of letters, the colorful paper, even the smell of it had some sort of intimate magic..

we should be poets u know.. i should be seeking a different career then.. hehe

sara said...

But poets don't forget to write their names & their recipient's names, do they?

hani said...

interesting stamps, you just reminded me with my old hobby.
and i am thinking seriously now about sending a mail through a post office box, yeh this will be really interesting .. but just wondering how the receiver will react to it, probably he/she will think i am gone crazy :-)

sara said...

Please do it & tell us what happens :)

Gold said...


*sits with fist under his chin with all the weight of his head on his fist, looking ahead in anticipation with neck stretched forward*

Anonymous said...

Salaam Sara,

nice stamps!
I also like your previous post.Hm,it would be nice to have a child who is such an angel.I mean if I would have a child and he would do such a thing,than I would be very proud of him.

Stay fine and God bless you!

sara said...

I hope his neck doesn't hurt by now :)

If only ;)
thanks for passing by :)

Khawab said...

hey thanks for stopping by ma blog...

well now i only get bills in ma mail....n i hate it when it has ma name on it

sara said...

well khawab, i luv ur cuty kitty ;)

poetic muslim said...

LOL sara what is wrong with you and the psot office ? lol

sara said...


that's what it is ;)