Saturday, January 12, 2008

~ letting go ~

Well, today & after a long time, I've decided to let go; as I learned that letting go is completely unlike forgetting.. I'm letting go.. And I wrote a letter that I think will always remain unread.. Not a wish wish letter.. But a let go one..
It really surprises me what my spirit comes up with at times.. Especially when it starts raining!
As it hardly rains where I live, rain is considered, at least to me, a heavenly given opportunity.. It rained before dawn for a few minutes & I was amazed with the first cry uttered by me!


"Feeling tired

By the fire

The long day is over

The wind is gone

Asleep at dawn

The embers burn on

With no reprise

The sun will rise

The long day is over"

Lyrics to The Long Day Is Over


princessn said...

sometimes holding on is not what makes us stronger, its letting go.. good luck

sara said...

I don't really believe in luck..

Please wish me a happy heart..

Thank you!

PS Any tips on how to let go? like practical tips?

Qwaider قويدر said...

The more you let go, the easier it becomes. Get busy with something else ...

And ... good luck, may you have the happy heart you seek.

sara said...

aww.. thanks qwaider.. I will :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

I for one would take luck over talent any day.
Now ... seriously, good luck, letting go is not that easy... but you can do it

sara said...

Seriously, thank you.. thanks a million.. a trillion.. It truly means a lot to me..

And seriously, I CAN DO IT.. YEAH :)

But as for luck.. Not merely, that's all :)

with respect,

Princess N said...

in order to do it you have to believe it.. believe in luck.. believe that you can do it..believe that things happen for a good reason and one day you will see it..believe that you are strong and that life goes on, it is not easy believe me I know but you can do it..

sara said...

princess n,

Well, I totally believe in it.. But NOT MERELY IT! If you know what I mean.. I believe in fate.. Destiny.. And freewill..

I believe that with caring people like yourself existing, I can do anything.. And I mean that FOR REAL!


Thank you princess.. It does mean a lot to me you & Qwaider really caring.. You coming back here, that's a strong push that will stay in my head & internally will be squeezed into my hearty heart :)

with love,

Gold said...

September 2006 was my month of letting go it seems..

you can review the struggle in here:


sara said...

Priceless struggle :)

Anonymous said...

letting go is like falling in love: at first you're scared but as the days go by you realize it feels good(it can be painful too)....... is better for somedy to let go that one person you loved the most if she/he comes back it means that you were meant to be together..........