Sunday, January 27, 2008

~ ha ma saat ~

My sis has been voiceless for the past three days.. I think she has some severe viral infection that has gotten to her vocal cords causing her to lose her voice temporarily.. Last night she showed real bitterness towards this infection & she seemed really miserable for being unable to SPEAK.. I told her to see what she can gain from this experience & to learn how to appreciate more & whine less.. She just said: “I want my voice back”.. I pray you have some patience until you get your voice back my beloved sis :)

I remember when I was younger, I used to hear my grandparents use the word ‘hams’ (i.e. whispering) a lot in their conversations.. That word, along with many others, captivate me with their exquisiteness.. Our generations now rarely use any of our beautiful Arabic words in our day to day talks.. Tamally (i.e. always) is another beautiful word that just came to mind..

Hamasaat (the plural of hams), is such a lovely word.. In both, its sound & meaning.. I rarely find people ihmissing (english present tense of hams ;) ) nowadays, including myself.. I’m a loud person.. I’ve been to schools all through my life that had so many different students coming from different backgrounds all packed in each & every class.. I’ve always found everyone louder than the other.. It’s kind of funny remembering the crazy mix of friends I’ve been having throughout my life :)

Well, I believe being loud originates from the fact of being unheard, being obscure.. From not having the ability to reach out & be listened to.. But being loud can never be a way out of this mess.. No matter how loud you are, if the hearts are closed, you can NEVER be heard.. So looking for a key here & there will be much more practical than screaming at the top of your lungs to the deaf masses..


Anonymous said...

Salaam Alaikum Sara,

I hope you are fine.
I found your last two posts of great interest to me.I like horses very much as well and in Slovenia we have the autochthonous breed of horses called Lpizaner.They are beautiful white horses.
As much for not talking loud or yelling I give you my 100% support.Actually,that should not be that difficult to achieve.One would just need to concentrate more when talking and wait a second or two in situations of anger befor opening the mounth.Thank you for reminding me of keeping my voice down.
However,one must also be able to use a confident tone of voice in situations where needed.Like for example when you want to tell somebody that you are not naive.

A whispering bye from me to you!
May Allah be pleased with us!

Anonymous said...'s Lipizaner and not Lpizaner...


Anonymous said...

Man I was such a loud kid! My father actually used to sit down with me to make me practice talking in a low volume. :P

Now I rarely talk... I want my sound back. :(

sara said...

alaiky assalam natasha :)

well, I guess we do have a lotta things in common :)

The breed of horses here are purely arabian & a few mixed with some spanish ones..

white, black, brown, they're all amazing..

And by being loud, I didn't only mean when we're mad, but also in normal conversations..

It could be easily controllable.. And in my case it should.. Its really bad to laugh out loud in public.. And that's what i'm planning to control ;)

iamnotnaive, WAS THAT GOOD WHISERING? that's the lowest I could get for now ;)

Lipizaner, I'll look them up ;)

Have a blessed peaceful evening my friendy friend :)

sara said...

LOL stinger..

My dad always goes like: "when u were young (considering im the eldest among my siblings), i was dying to hear u utter ur first words.. but now, man oh man, i wonder when will u ever shut up.."

You need yours back & I need to lower mine :)

hani said...

now this is really strange! i was talking to a colleague, giving him a task to do, but i didn't feel like talking at all, so i kept explaining to him by drawing, hand waving ... and he said: hani, what's wrong, why you don't want to talk to me, did i do anything wrong!
but, it's just didn't feel like talking, i'm in a silent mode today .. no music, no dancing, no crazy stuff, ... and i'm really enjoying it.

so, this is my advice to your sis.:
[we go through lot's of things in our life, things we didn't used to it, unusaul things, and because we didn't used to it, we think it's horrible, and we try our best to pass it quickly .. and this is a big mistake .. ALLAH give us this gift, our life, every second is unique, beautiful, but sometimes we don't see this way, we don't undertsand it ..
just look at in a different way, and enjoy your "ha ma saat" with your amazing sister]

so sara, as you can see, i am very busy today, and i don't have time at all, and this is why my comment is bigger than your post! God i can't believe i wrote all of this :-) .. maybe because i am in a silent mode and this is my only way to communicate, maybe.

so thanks for those "ha ma saat", i did enjoy reading this post .. you can tell, don't you ;-)

sara said...

hani, thanks for your time.. Rabinna yebariklina in our tick tacks :) Amen.

Well, i also get those silent modes.. And totally know what you're talking about..

And my sis read your words of advice & whispered this: "it's not that i'm not used to it.. it's just that people look at me & treat me differently.. I was with sara at the coop. & when sara was telling the dude of what to get us, he saw me whispering to her & said in his egyptian accent: "enty gaya temooty hina walla eih?". and that wasn't a nice joke really.. & also when we went to cinnabon, i was "whispering" to the guy of what exactly I want in my milkshake, & he gave me this weird look.. not a very friendly one.. people never let u be :( u can't get used to anything thats unusual.."

and she was soooooooooooooooooo cute whispering..

siiiiiiiiiiis i love u & wish u get well soooooooooooooooooooooon :)


Gold said...

well i can imagine...

there are times when you can treat a situation with this: :)

and times when it is better to treat a situation with that: :D

the difference is huge and don't ask me in what sense coz that would take about one book with 4 appendices..

sometimes the best thing to do is "show someone your teeth" and hug him (if ur a guy) / her(if you are a girl).. hamsing ( ;) ) in his/her ear that everything is gonna be okay, and close the subject!

I mean, it works with my sister, my mother, but not with my dad coz he needs some more scientific proof that everything is gonna be fine :D so there are other approaches for him but they are mind consuming to a great extent :P

Hamsing from close range goes a looooooong way specially from someone close and caring, a REALLY long way, with sincerity kaman..

and come to think of it, kaman is a pretty cute word as well :)

have a cutie cutie day everyone

sara said...

"the difference is huge", but hey, I can't find the first appendix? It seems that it's not attached?

Oh, I guess that's the wrong book.. Where's the book?


Anyways, let me add that a sincere smile means a lot to me.. And I don't like it when I have to deal with fake ones..

kaman is a pretty word..

you have a pretty day & everyone 'kaman' :)

LuLu...! said...

e7em e7em...!
guess who's bak... bak again..??
my voice is bak bak again :D:D:D....!
damn i had a hard time without it...!
da3awatek ya 7agga sara...!

sara said...


nawarty waAllahi ya lulu..

& ur pretty voice menawar in my ears :)

ringing ringing..

hamduliLlah ala salamtik sis :)


Deadly Angel said...

i had a really great time reading your wonderful posts!
Great work mashalla and i am now enthusiastic enough to start my blog and put some effort in it, all thank to you!!!

sara said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww.. sweetieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

You go girl.. Just your heart.. that's all you need..


All the best :)

Anonymous said...

thank youuu!!!! :)