Monday, January 28, 2008

say what?

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"Wee wee wee wee wee wee", that’s how my day started.. I opened my eyes this morning to the police cars surrounding my block.. A few minutes later I found out that this construction site near us was roaring with its workers’ screaming.. Why? They want to be heard! They were on a serious strike.. Something ain’t right & I don’t know what that is.. All I do know is that some hams won't do it for them..

I thought to myself, is there anything I could do? And the answer was a definite NO.. So I felt like translating the lyrics to some arabic kinda song (not very much of a song) that I cherish & dedicate it to all my angry mad moros out there..

"If you’re unable to smile,
Don’t tear up & don’t you cry..

& if you’ve got nothing but your heart,
Don’t fear anything, you’ll live & won’t die..

& if you’re asked: “where has your eye’s sparkle gone?”,
Don’t you hide, tell them the flaw isn’t mine, it is the light’s..

And I’m not into darkness, nor did I disappoint the light..

There will be a way for the light to sparkle in my eyes,
& there will be a way for the laugh to come from where it lies,

It won’t harm nor will it hurt.."


Qwaider قويدر said...

Details?! Do you know what's going on?

sara said...

No idea :(

wonders said...

this always happens, most probably they are not paid :(

Allah b3en

sara said...

where are we? in hell already?


Stinger said...

Where do you find all these pictures you put in your posts?

sara said...

It's either one of two:

1. picture isn't mine, so when u click on it, it takes u to its source..

2.picture is mine, then you'd find my signature on it..

Qabbani said...

OH :(

sara said...

i pray today would be better than yesterday for them.. :)

sara said...

wonders, you're correct.. they didn't get paid their past two months' salaries :(

LuLu...! said...

i wonder were the workers shouting in urdu ya sis??

Gold said...

Welcome to the modern world

rich people getting richer, poor people getting poorer, a gap widening to a ridiculous size

the mid-level people are almost non-existent, the level that causes the balance inside society.. they are unable to produce the juice of their intellect because they are struggling just to bring humane food on the table..


so, we struggle to live, and we watch others either crush, or get crushed, and we can't do anything about it!


We pray!

Anonymous said...

Salaam Alaikum Sara :),

that is one beautiful lyric there!
Hm,what can I say...people strike a lot nowadays.In Europe they do it for sure.I hope and pray I will not be in the same situation one day...I remember every day how God has blessed me with all I have and I pray he blesses other people,too.Well,I think he does bless every single being on his earth,but we humans get sometimes in his way and plans.We do not respect God!

Have a nice time!

sara said...


they were loud.. u know how scary men sound when they say "aaaameeeeeeen" in the masjid & u feel that the masjid is shakin? that's how it was.. it reminded me of shiekh Jaboor :)


I don't want to be welcomed to the modern world.. Can I go back to heaven please?


talking of blessings, yesterday & for the first time in real life, I saw a young lady with six fingers in her left hand.. I'm still thinking of her & how she was trying hard to cover 'em.. And how ppl view her.. *sigh* How blessed are we? dear natasha, if we spend our entire lives prostrating to our Lord, it won't be enough for the blessing of looking "normal" according to our wordly standards.. To just not getting the "ewwww" look from ppl when seeing us.. Dear oh dear.. how sad is our world!