Monday, February 04, 2013


"Surka" is Noona's way of saying "circle".. Noona is Zeina, my 21 months old babygirl.. She was babbling in her sleep last night: "surka surka", how cute is that! Her dreams and nightmares are all bubbly, circly, and maybe squary at times..
It's been a fun tough very very hectic ride since she was born.. I've been going round in cirlcles of feeding, changing nappies, hospitals,................ And here we go, as I was typing these words, she bumped her forehead into the table's edge :'( God how hard this is! I think it's me, I need to change as a mom.. I wanna get back to writing, sharing all about my life with her, learn more by reading more, and enjoy a bit more and lay back.. Enlightenment for myself and others is urgently needed! The extra weight, the load, the quick prayers, the worry, the sorrows, the running in surkas.. I need to get back to the straight line, to find a better way, a better me, for a better them..
So, Bahrain, that's where I am, and what a kingdom this is! You can't tell if it's a rich country or not.. The BD is worth around 10 AED, but yet in the UAE things are way "richer"(if I may say) than over here.. I dunno if a country's currency states its economical situation or not, but for a Gulf country, I expected more.. I've met Bahrainis in the mosque nearby, and they seemed like very kind sweet Muslims.. It was the first time for me to take Noona and go for a class, and it went pretty fine.. You can take your baby, but while making sure to keep 'em busy.. I swear I've stopped while typing this for about 10 times! But it's a start!
"You can throw your hands up
You can be the clock
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don't wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself
~ The Script ~ 


Anonymous said...

Salam sweetie :o),

I hope you still remember me :)?
Wow,21 moths old daughter :)??
That is beyond amazing!I'm so glad you wrote something.I almost couldn't believe it when I saw the title of your post on my feeder.
I'm glad you'r doing fine.Don't worry about the stress.I know from my girlfriends that this is normal.It's all just about finding a balance that works for you.
I wish you all well and I send you a very strong hug and a kiss... Mwah :)!

sara said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Of course I remember you dearie :D
Its seriously amazing you getting back in touch :) how are things sweetie? Hope aaaall is well with you..
Well, yeah it's crazy, I pray you get to taste it soon, amen :)