Thursday, February 07, 2013


"Hummy" is kookoo's way of saying "hug me" :) That was the last thing she asked me last night before going to sleep.. It's her first time saying it out loud.. Usually she asks for it by stretching her arms out for me to hug her.. Baby girl! She's a big girl now, expressing her needs out loud..
Gosh how hard it's been her not talking when she was younger and me never knowing what's bothering her or what she needed.. Now she babbles, sometimes clearly for me to understand, and at times it gets so difficult for me to get her.. And poor girl, she keeps on saying it and me not getting it for quite some time! "Mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama......" and she never gives up! Ah!
I love this pic of hers, in Yas Island, Nov. 2012, the weather was perfect, and it was an amazing day with amazing people.. Ya Allah, how hard it's become now for one to get all the people they love at the same time in the place they love.. I for one used to say I would never get married or even engaged without my close family members being all present, and here I went, got engaged, got married, had Noona, without my brother being present! Life is so much different when it comes to the real "it".. You plan and say all you want, but when it comes to real life, it doesn't always go your way.. I remember back in the teachers' room how amazed I was when a fellow teacher said that her mom couldn't make it to her wedding 'cuz of her sickness, and how the teacher never changed her wedding's date and made it without her mom! I was amazed, and yet, I've done the same thing!
How I miss you Brohy, how I wish you would have met husbandy and my babygirl.. I pray for this day to come soon and God would unite us all.. I feel that if husbandy sees you, he'd get to know me more..
World, enjoy every moment and never say never, life is too short and way too unexpected for us to plan it ALL.. Planning is needed, but it can never be perfect.. Less regretting, and more pessimism would make the sun come through our windows and break the ice..
And with Barney's "Mr. Sun" playing in the background I leave you peacefully, praying for light to fill the hearts of my loved ones and all the people around the world, amen.
And a special prayer for my li'l one:
You don't have to be number one in the universe, You just have to be yourself and be your own number one in all you do.. "Ihsan" (i.e. perfection) is relative, so be the best you can with your own version of "ihsan", and that'd be what you're created for.. Laloo babygirl :D
Peace out :)
p.s. "Laloo" is Pateety's way of saying "i love you" :)

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