Monday, April 08, 2013

To Cindy, With Love..

Cindy dear Cindy,
How are you? Hope you’re feeling good reading this.. Do you have any idea what you mean to me? This is to tell you and the world what you are to me……  :)
Years and years ago, when I first became a blogger, I started reading about you, your thoughts, feelings, dreams, passion and all, and guess what? I wished to someday come close only a bit close to how you are like; the writer you, the believer you, the activist you, the passionate you, the artistic you, the photographer you, the warm you, the organic you, the cook you, the neat you, just the very lovely you.. I don’t even know if you remember that I’ve emailed you wishing to hook you up with my bro, but he happens to be younger than you.. I felt your every word, every recipe, every dream, every picture, every share, every action, every sorrow, simply your everything..
Years passed, and my blogging went way less and I got so caught up with my life and my baby girl, but never did I EVER stop reading you.. And my admiration for you never went less.. And that day you said you’ll no longer write, my heart broke, ‘cuz there’s only ONE Organica in this world, and I didn’t want to lose touch with her..
After long months, that morning, after I’ve put Noona (my baby girl) to sleep for the millionth time, when I read your “No longer Muslim” post on my phone, I broke down in tears.. Wallahy cried my heart out and went into a bit of a depression for a few days and wanted to post a post for you, and never knew from where to start..
Today, on one of my toughest days, where I’m starting to toilet train Noona, with all the pee and poop and cleaning and all, I’m stealing time for you, to tell you lovingly:
Habebty, I wish Noona has a lot of what you have, and wish you’d know how special you are in my life and I’m sure many others.. Cindy habebty, wahidy Allah, He’s all you got, don’t lose that, don’t lose you.. I really don’t want you to be what YOU don’t want to be, trust me you don’t.. How could you trust me, you don’t even know me.. But wallahy I love you and know you well (if all you wrote was true), I really really know you..
Cindy billah ‘aleiky wahidy Allah and bloom yo! Don’t do this to me, to you, to humanity.. Yes humanity! You touched so many souls out there, and still do and I want you to take me higher like always.. Ha? You hate me? Billah ‘aleiky ya ahla Cindy out there, chill yo! Please?! Cindyyyyyyyy, Organicaaaaaaa Habebtyyyyyyy pleeeeeease………
Ah, ya Allah! I don’t know what to say! I just love you so much, admire you so much, and I am no preacher, I don’t pray on time sometimes, I’m such a terrible Muslim girl, bas I love you!
Please, don't be upset by anything I said, this is a love note, not more or less..
One of your biggest fans :)

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