Thursday, August 18, 2005

Troubled Soul
By Hassan Radwan

When anxieties trouble my soul
and the night is heavy with sorrow
I look up to the heavens
where the angels hover amongst the stars,

I feel a gentle embrace so sweet and soft
Calming my mind
and healing my soul
Filling me full of peace and love

"Oh you whose throne enfolds the heavens and earth"
"Envelop me in your mercy and bring me back to your presence"

"To walk again in tranquil gardens"
"Wherein is neither suffering nor sickness"
"Nor pain nor misery"

The sky looks so perfect and beautiful
The stars shimmer while the Moon silently looks down

The air is fresh and clear,
Reviving my spirit and giving me hope

Can I believe that the dawn will bring
the answer to my prayers?
And the world will be a different place?

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