Wednesday, March 22, 2006

WALK THAT WALK... --By Momekh--

The urge to create. The urge to innovate. Break stuff. Build it up again. Reinvent the wheel, call it something else. Be famous for all the right reasons with all the right people and entities. Be closer to God by separating from everything else. Only to find out that closeness to God entails being close to your surroundings. The signs of God.
Billions of images. Zipping past. A blur. I think I recognized someone back there. No time. Zip on! Ideas. Make money? For what? Money losing its hyperinflated value before I have enough of it. A means to an end. What end? The end? Bliss? Impossible! What about a smile at the end of each and every freakin day? Achievable, doable!
Who am I? Businessman? Entreprenuer? Did I spell that right? The inclination towards being acceptable. By those whom I have accepted. The deliberate casual clothes to be different from the lot. The fake attitude of not giving a ****, all the while trying hard to portray self’s image as someone who couldn’t care less; a contradiction like everything else. Ahaa, but then I grew up. Now I do give a ****. I come to terms with that everyday and I like it. But there are things that dont qualify as important in my rolodex of life. Things that are important to you and your loved ones, whoever ‘you’ may be. But they are not important to me anymore. And I like that. This time it is not fake. Has not been fake for a ****** long time. And I like it.
Unity. Faith. Discipline.
Oh my God. The cliche of cliches if you have even for a moment, been touched by the Pakistani education system. My utmost disgust, not at cliches, but at the afteraffects of indifference towards cliches; universal truths to uphold and implement shrugged aside as being cliche! Akkhhh!.
Unity. Faith. Discipline. beautiful and ultimately comprehensive formula of every citizen of a society, every slave of the God, every particpant in any relation, every individual in a group and every soul in harmony with the Master of souls.
I can do so much. You can do so much. Organize. Chaotic Symmetry. Here I go again. Hate that neatly arranged desk, that uncluttered work space. Who are you bluffing? Trying hard to imitate something that doesn’t exist; life is chaotic yet has a pattern. Imitate that. No? Redefine your organizational skills and hence your organizations.
Apart from the middle finger, a single finger can’t do much. Raise a fist in resist!* Resist what you have been told. Insist on what you think is right. Be ready to take responsibility; be ever ready to take blame. And credit. It is and should be your life and so it is and should be your chin.
Start something. Some company’s tag line. A candidate for philosophy of daily life. I already have so much on my plate. But I tend to believe I have a bigger plate. Ha. so start somthing. So small but such large implications. Whats stopping me? Who but me. So whats stopping you?

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Jawwad S said...

Unity, faith n descipline ... we lack all three of them