Monday, July 23, 2007

'cuz you love me..

Amoona & I were jumping around & I saw her reeeeeeeeal love for me & how it sparkled in her eyes.. So I break into seriousness, pause everything we
were doing & ask her.. "Amoona, why do you love satta(me)" She said, "'cuz satta loves me".. A three year old! Who taught her l o v e ? And most importantly who told her who loves her & who doesn't? And us adults ask do they love me!! A three year old knows, WITHOUT BEING TOLD! Deep down we all know the answers to those silly questions.. But still being told makes a difference ;)
Amoona loves ME :)


Linds said...

If only we all knew the answers deep down...

if only we all had someone to ask...

Small Blue Thing said...

We DO have ;)

sara said...


huggy hug lindsyyyyyyyyyy :)

Mohamed A. H. said...

I tend to think that the expression of love is a matter of experience. A Child has very little experience so as t interpret good, kind treatment as unconditional love. As he/she grows more up and becomes more sophisticated other factors enters into play making the judgment of whether someone loves him/her or not a more complex issue.

the fact that this little child loves you have more to do with his/her psychological development than it has to do with "Fitra" in my opinion.

Sorry for being Darwinian, but that really is what Science suggest is the reason for your benign observation. You should however enojoy it no less than what you currently do, for this is the gift of childhood.


Mohamed A. H. said...

pardon my spelling and/or grammar mistakes. I haven't had even a nap in 2 days. that is just a glimpse of how much is going through my head and veins.

Jawwad said...

Assalam ALLikum sister.. back after a long time .. goood to see you are still here and blogging.

sara said...

Mohamed A. H.:
Unconditional love.. How I love that kinda love! And hardly feel it.. It's evaporating and almost all oceans will run out of it soon :(

Brother jawwad,
Still beathing.. I asked brother Fahd if he knew anything, but he said he didn't.. Hope your business went fine.. And hope all is okay..

With respect,

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Jazakallahu khair for your patience and for coming back to read my blog.

Insha'Allah I'll have a daily dose for your reading pleasure.

Ma'as salaama,

nuh ibn

sara said...

MashaAllah! I love your work brother Nuh.. May Allah assist you in all you do for His sake.. Amen.

With respect,

LuLu...! said...

I THOUGHT I SAW U POSTING A NEW POST....!!!!!!! where is it??? walla 2el computer me3ala2 hena walla 2eeh???
sis... luv u... and missin u wallahy....!!! how do i breathe ;)...??? (2enta feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen??);) its ok if u dont get it...
"de7ket 2el romaan".... he3he3he3he3

Jeremi said...

Hello, While I am flattered that you would choose to use one of my pictures, I would really appreciate it if you would ask my permission next time.
Thank you!

sara said...

I intended to link back to you so that you'd not feel that I'm ivading your copyrights.. I love your work :)

If by any chance it upsets you me using this picture, I'd take it off right away..


Jeremi said...

I would appreciate a link back. A big concern is if you are using my bandwidth. It's not such a big deal on pics from my old blog that blogger hosted the pics but my new blog I have my own web hosting and am only allowed so much bandwidth!
Thank you!

sara said...

i'm not sure what a bandwidth is.. but ill let you know if i ever want to post any of ur work..

love u & ur kids :)

God bless :)