Saturday, July 14, 2007

And the more she lived, the more her breaths turned to sighs..

She thought, the bigger she’ll get, the more she’ll know & the more in charge she’ll be.. Thought seeing the world from a higher level will give her more options.. Believed that she could fly.. Thought her wings would get stronger &
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carry her.. Thought that life would give her more.. More than she was & more than she had.. Thought it all gets better by simply breathing more.. More delight.. More space of her own.. More beautiful vocabulary to be added to her dictionary.. She assumed that she’ll know how to comfort others.. She was positive that the more she’ll live, the more she’ll give.. Thought that she’ll be able to give as much as she wanted to.. Thought no one would have the right of stopping her.. Thought that driving her own life would be done by her & only her.. Thought that the more she’ll love, the healthier she’ll be.. She knew that love, the only thing she recognized, would get her through it all.. And she lived.. Breathed.. And the more she lived, the more her breaths turned to sighs..


LuLu...! said...

glimore of hope LOL....!
LUV U SIS.....!!!!!!!!!

sara said...


He's cute, isn't he?

Wonder how he looks like..

LuLu...! said...

bet he has a Mustache.....!!!

sara said...


Heart broken..

Mohamed A. H. said...

that was amazing! mind me intruding in the discussion, this isn't a sisters only club is it? :)

I wonder where is this piece from? did you write this yourself? please say no, or otherwise I would have to wait for you to write the whole first book!!

Anonymous said...

A priest-like raised index finger . . . .
you wanna hold on to something . . . . . to your rigid superego . .
and you wanna keep something away from you . . . new desires, yearnings, authentic emotions . . .

You seam to be very goody goody and so unhappy. Do you really think, thus you have to offer something to others.

And please respect it, when others don't want to receive what you offer them. Even presentees do have the liberty to choose and to say no or yes.

So keep it on and look for the untamed one deep inside you. Get in touch with your real emotions. Go towards new horizons, new understanding.

That makes You, my Dear, much more happier and there will be at least one more happy person in the world.

Then you can give, coz you can't give anything unless you received it by yourself.

But you will see, when you achieved what I suggested to you, the others will follow you and want to have your attention.

Stop to be artificial. Ciau Ciau my Dear

sara said...

No no, It’s not a sisters club :) And well, yes, I did write this ‘piece’..

And to russells,
Thanks for your time & valuable analysis..

By the way, I don't want 'others' following me.. Nor do I want their attention..

Respect would do it for me ;)


Mohamed A. H. said...

hello celestial teapot: you seem to be taking words far beyond their meaning. I would just that that for what it is. A nicely written piece that expresses some emotions.

To think you have the right to claim understanding of other people's emotions, let alone criticize them the way you did is just bizarre!

LuLu...! said...

not a sisters club??? :'(
then wat clube is it????????? 7adretek????????
glimorrreeeee he3he3he3heh3heh3hh3h3eh3hehh3h...!

sara said...

always about dehket elromman ;)

Anonymous said...

The fact, that I have far more than respect for You is shown simply by the fact, that I stopped in your blog, read some of your posts and made my comment well thought out. It's coz I've been quite similar, very very conscientious, I know what I'm talking about. It wasn't small talk. Yes. I suppose you to be a very respectful and well-meaning women. And I wanted you to get curious.o.k.?

sara said...


Linds said...

So i read this, and for just a moment, gliding in the wake of its beauty, and wondering how a stranger could describe me so well, i couldnt imagine how i could be possibly be disillusioned with humanity when things such as this exist.

Then i read the rest of the comments...and i remembered.

Thanks for that sorry it had to end so soon.

sara said...

i'm sorry it ended too..