Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mahna Mahna Dearest :)

Ara asked God this:
"Allahuma please, take this prayer from me, be merciful on me and guide me, please, please, 'cause You're the One and Only to take me and be merciful on me".. Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeen dearest.. Amen. We sometimes foget to ask & mostly, forget who to ask.. Dearest, let me tell you one thing.. Just one thing.. Mahna Mahna ;)


Small Blue Thing said...

Du-du-durururu :``````)

sara said...

mahna mahna :)

Ha ha ha ha ;)

love you..

Jannah said...

that mahna mahna was hilarious Sara!!!

Amen to that lovely duaa :)

sara said...

Mahna Mahna


Never grow up Jannah.. Keep the wheels of the bus going round & round ;)