Monday, September 24, 2007

blown ~ ~ away ~ ~

That's how I felt when I heard the news.. I felt so blown away, numbed, powerless, blessed & most of all, felt that there is definitely a lot to be done.. I heard & then cried & then did nothing!! I wanted to write them a letter.. I wanted to hug them.. I wanted to do a lotta things, to the limit that I didn't do any!! He died & they were going to the airport to get his dead body, in a box.. That's what happened.. As simple as can be.. He just simply stopped breathing.. His heart stopped beating.. His hands got colder.. His powerless body got wrapped & went back home to his beloved ones in a box.. How can any sane mind live with this?! How can a warm beating heart carry on living with such pain & hurt?! Like for real?! How?! How can you tell his siblings "you guys, live with memories & hold on together.. You gotta let go of him now.." How can his mom understand that when she calls his name, he won't answer?! How can his dad lean back & tell them "it'll be ok"?! How can it ever be ok?! How can they let go?! I can't stop thinking of you, the family I never met.. I can't stop thinking of your great loss & not pray.. Pray that God would grant you the strength to carry on.. To carry on living, giving & waiting patiently to be with him in God's blessed paradise.. Amen.
To the family I never met,
You're always in my prayers


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sara said...

I know :'(

I can't get them outa ma head :(

What a wake up call!!

AlhamduliLlah & inna liLlah wa inna Elaihy raje'oon.. Seriously!!