Saturday, September 08, 2007

I pigged out :(

Well, "we all just wanna be big rockstars", that's true.. But is this the rockstar you wanna be? I don't think so.. trust me, you don't wanna be that rockstar..
Lots of things have been happening lately, lots of li'l big things..
I'll start from that elevators day.. I get in the elevator in the morning, and this mom is killing the hell out of her li'l girl; cuz she's late & the school bus might be gone already.. First of all, i think you (mom) got her to get to bed late that night & missed up her system.. And now you're yelling?! Even if not, it has to be your fault somehow, 'cuz u exist to organize her life.. Like duuuuuh!! I think I'll home-school my kids if i ever have any.. Let's see about that.. Later that afternoon, I get in the elevator & by mistake press on the floor's # that's below us & then realise that mistake, so I press on ours.. As the elevator gets to the wrong floor first, I stupidly forget all of this and get out.. that was a big LOL!! Man I sooooo wanted to get home & you're telling me I'm on the wrong floor?! I was mad.. And then I thought, what if there was no elevator in the first place? Be thankful sara!!
And then comes the day bro had to go, to study!! I, for the first time ever, decided NOT TO GO TO THE AIRPORT.. And didn't even hug him goodbye!! It's so painful the whole process!! I'm a weak person.. I seriously can't handle goodbyes.. Shoot!! I suck.. I've always been like that.. Like since I was li'l, when we used to go spend 'eids at my uncle's, who lives in another city, I remember I used to secretly cry in the car on the way back.. CRY!! Is this normal?! And oh, in Cairo, in summers, when family members & friends used to come over the last night to give their goodbyes, before they leave with a while, I'd actually get in the bathroom & avoid the kissing hugging part & cry like never before!! What is it with me?! I miss you bro.. I go out almost everyday, believe it? Me miss homyyyyyy girl?! Trying to get over the fact that you're not here!! You're always always always in my heart.. I'm sadder you won't be in the masjid with us in ramadan.. YOU'RE IN MY PRAYERS.. ALWAYS!! *sigh & tears*
I also noticed this thing.. Sellers don't usually look at you while telling you about their products; as to show you that they don't really need you all that much!! Seriously, try to observe this.. Especially arab sellers!! Know what I mean? Like they look through the window or something & act busy or whatever!! What's that all about?
And here I come.. Okay I AM THE ULTIMATE ICE SKATER THAT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN & guess what? i've slipped & fell :( God, so what? People fall sara? No, not me.. I've never fallen since forever & I fall this easily & GET A BRUISE?! Funny thing is, I actually felt so embarrassed that i acted as if it's cool & sat on the ice for a while.. LOL.. I hated that reaction of mine.. Why am I so complicated?! I didn't look complicated, but felt so.. And by the way, I once cut my brother's finger with my skating shoe's knife thingy, see how perfect of a skater i am? It still kills me from the inside remembering me hurting him this bad :(
And then comes this amazing new soul to my life.. We clicked so fast, that I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!! I almost forgot what clicking is like.. Welcome to my life new soul & I hope you are what I'm thinking you are.. Amen :)
Yesterday I ate a lot.. I feel guilty :( I aaaaaaaate.. It was weird.. The whole day.. The prophet salla Allahu 'alaihy wasalam said: "The son of Adam does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat a few mouthfuls, to keep him going. If he must do that (fill his stomach), then let him fill one third with food, one third with drink and one third with air." Forgive me ya Allah.. We do this 'cuz of a lotta different reasons.. Sometimes to fill a void.. People, this is never going to fill any voids.. It's bad.. real bad..
Lats night.. Oh my God, you won't believe it!! Last night, for the first time ever, after years & years of watching Tom & Jerry, I SAW A HUMAN'S FACE AT THE END OF ONE OF IT'S EPISODES!! It was the lady of the house's face.. OH MY GOD! :)
A couple of days ago, I saw this horrible car accident & just can't get it out of my head.. The car was upside down.. Ya Allah.. I wonder if they're okay.. Or what happened.. Anyways.. I know that Allah would never harm anyone nor burden them with more than they can take.. May Allah ease our pains & unite us on His straight path.. Amen.
P.S.1 I've been called sara EL hamdy lately, dunno where they got this "el" from?! LOL.. I love it :) You see, sometimes people would call you something & you would love it 'cuz it came from their heart, even if it was 'silly' or whatever.. And at other times, you'd hate being called even a princess from others.. Like at the masjid, there is this sister, she says ukhty to me in a way that I haaaaaaaaate it.. Ukhty means sis.. but God.. Hate it coming from her..
P.S.2 My sis is starting her freshman year & so she was jokingly discussing her pocket money issue with dad.. When we were young, we used to get one dirham a day to school.. So he told her, you can now take two.. AWWWWWWW babaaaaaaa :) He's the cutest ever..


poetic muslim said...

sis your the cutest EVER!!
sara EL hamdy , el is an arabic thing for definite , i dnt know why I just do that , and yeah I sooo know what you mean abt ppl saying stuff from the heart , I hate it when someone says something to me and it is not from the heart .

sara said...



Rivi said...

Your new photos are very very nice. Well done!

sara said...

I wish they were mine.. LOL

They're not!! If you click on them, it'll take you to their source..


Hassy said...

Asalamu alikum UKHTY

How's it going? I enjoyed reading this post, what a jumble of topics.

Taqabal Allah min wa minqum

sara said...

Walaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuHu UKHTY.. lol

I'll take your 'ukhty'; as it sounds cuter than the one coming from that UKHT at the masjid.. :D

Well, it's been going up & down lately.. Thanks for asking :) I've been so sick lately.. :)