Thursday, November 22, 2007


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A dear friend of mine has just told someone else that I’m remarkably generous.. I felt good :) Hope its as true as it was said.. My opinion on this, is that being generous isn’t really about HOW MUCH you spend, its about the way you spend it.. It’s not in the quantity.. I feel/see it in the approach.. Like how a person always gives & really truly fully genuinely wants to give, with all means.. To me, this is the best type of generosity I’ve ever experienced.. THIS IS GENEROSITY.. Sadly, I hardly see this type of kindness anywhere.. Its running out.. Or has it always been this way? Like years & years ago, were the kindly giving people all around or hardly existing like nowadays? Its painful for me seeing people so cautious & fearful the way they are.. IT DOES GET TO ME! I can’t tolerate being around those people.. Am I being bad now? I never wait after giving, never wait to be given.. What I hate most is that, even my giving sometimes ISN'T understood! The worst part of this ordeal is that, these matters can NEVER be explained! No matter how much you explain, you can’t teach people or let them experience "giving"! Giving for me is always a pleasure.. I truly enjoy it.. Hope everybody else does :)

"It's all I have to bring today

This, and my heart beside

This, and my heart, and all the fields

And all the meadows wide

Be sure you count - should I forget

Some one the sum could tell

This, and my heart, and all the Bees

Which in the Clover dwell"

By Emily Dickinson


Amr said...

Tottaly agree,
Really giving makes me feel satisfied, and it doesn't always has to be "materialized" stuff, may be just a smile, a hand-shake, words that makes some one comfortable and calmed, etc..

what really makes me amazed is one kind of giving which is the "anonymous" giving, i.e. somone help ,or give someone else some thing that he/she really needs so much and really means alot to him/her, whithout even knowing that it's the first one who gave him/her that thing, though they know each other very well.

sara said...

WAllahi this is a blessing from Allah.. Alhamdulillah Rabil'alameen..

As for the anonymous type, I believe that's the highest of all..

May Allah use us for all good causes.. Amen.

With respect,

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

Sister, it's really the little things... you're a wonderful person and a great support.

Whether it's face-to-face or through this little internet thingy, giving is Islam...

Jazakallahu khairn,

nuh ibn

sara said...

Wa eyaka brother Nuh..

Giving IS islam :)

May Allah ease your hardships & wipe away your pains.. Amen.