Monday, November 16, 2009

~ h a z y ~

Girls girls girls.. I think girls to the world are like a cradle to the babies.. I think they're like caves, deep and carry a lot..

I've been learning a lot from dealing with kids in this school.. I've been understanding more about me through their very eyes.. I've been seeing why the world is like it is today.. They're a very important mirror that we all "adults" need to look at!

Li'l 11 year old, Miss N., came up to me yesterday telling me that she's in love! And I, ladies and gentlemen, was SAVED BY THE BELL! Thank God for that bell; for without it, I would have been so lost!

Earlier on that day, I saw them playing this "future game".. Girls used to play it around me when I was younger, and I made fun of them every time my turn came telling them it's "silly", while dying form the inside to play it, just to know! To know who's cradle will I be! I'm sure you know this game, it's when you fold a piece of paper into a couple of folds and on each fold you write a group of nouns.. On a fold, boys' names, the next numbers, then colors, then cars' brands, then countries & much more.. And then with your thumb, you go over each fold back and forth until whoever's turn it is says 'stop', and that will be her future husband's name, and then the number of kids she'll have, and then the color of her house, and then the car she'll have and so forth.. I was always against it, and they made fun of me for being so uptight! I wanted to know it all, but I knew I'd have to WAIT!

I wanted to tell li'l N. to WAIT and be patient.. To watch out for her heart.. To look out for the fragile being she is.. To know that to stay "crystal-clear", you gotta build a wall to protect you from ever breaking, 'cuz whenever you will, you won't have your original pureness.. But the bell rang and the words were too big for her anyway.. Anyway......

I don't really think of "tomorrow" much, I got myself used to not asking any questions about tomorrow from an early age.. But it seems the older you get, the more you'll have to think of "tomorrow".. One of the reasons I avoided the "tomorrow" drama for, was to not face any disappointments! Disappointments are such a killer, aren't they? I pray I'd never be a disappointment to anyone! Ever!

Is it the weather or what? I love winters, and this winter has nothing to do with coldness, but it is just so freakin COLD! Everything is so dull! Unclear! Obscure! Ambiguous!


C E R T A I N L Y H A Z Y !

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