Saturday, November 07, 2009

When you go car-washing.....

A piece of advice: Please, whenever you go for a car-wash, please please please do remember to NOT let your windows down at least an hour after the washing procedure; for if you do, your windows will get wet again 'cuz of the water remaining in those side gaps and they won't look nice when they dry! I ALWAYS FORGET THAT!


Anonymous said...

My dear Sara :),

you know,I read it all,but as always I need time,time to think through your beautiful words and thoughts.You give me so much,you teach me so much!And I'm sure you do the same for your little students.
Thanks so much for doing the tag.I really appreciate it.Allah must love you so much for your wishes!
I'll pray for the mothers of your friends.And,I'll pray for your whenever I'll eat a melon,I'll think of you and him.Be strong,he's always in your heart.Always there,making you smile :)!
You're so right,we have to live the moment.
Love...and smooches =)!

His Sweetheart said...

missed ya


lendmeurear said...

hmmm good advice! never thought about that!

sara said...

Natasha/Jasmina :)

Thanks a lot for always hanging around & keeping this connection a real one :)

Well, grandpa will always be in my heart, always! He's always there!


hugs back atcha :D