Monday, December 13, 2004


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abu eesa said...

Peace be upon you sister.
That is a very interesting quote you have posted. They say you may be alone but not necessary lonely. I truely believe that. Before I got married, I used to view myself as Living a life of dhikr, residing in a humble abode and trying to gain Allah's pleasure. My life was complete and you know what, it was full. To much to do in islam. Alhamadallah their is alot of dawah work among my community. I am now sharing that role with my wife.
My world is my islam. I cant go on without it.

I would like to add my comment also on your letter to Hamza Yusef. That is so inspiring that you truely believe in attaining Jannah with a partner. Most people want to get married because it is the thing to do.
I promise you, that when I got married, it was strictly for gaining Jannah with another muslim. I had so much sabr, My wife from the start wanted children. I said to her it might hinder our chance for Jannah as I was not ready for a child. ( too much work in the community). Alhamadallah, I made a dua that " Please Allah , give me a child when you think I am ready". And Allah Delivered . AlHamadallah.
I believe from what I know about you from your emails, Allah is going to provide with a glad tiding. A beautiful brother that inshallah ,you and him will share Jannah together.
It is your Quadr, as a great believer. Just remember

P.S If you are ever in Sydney or down this way, Please come and visit my family, They would really enjoy that. Oh , I forgot to mention, I have 300 relatives here. So no time to yourself.

Ghassoub (Abu Eesa)