Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I placed a bet on life,
And said “fifty guineas� on number 11,
The man smiled and spun the wheel,
My life spin around,
Along with the wheel,
And the twitter as it stopped,
On number 11,
The man still smiling,
Said, “would you like to move to the next table?�
And we moved along,
What do we play here for?
We play here for love,
I said “one hundred guineas on number 11�,
I feel lucky today,
The man smiled,
Said, I am sorry,
Minimum bet on this table is your soul,
I am on a winning streak,
So I bet my soul, my heart, my life,
On my lucky number 11,
On the table of love,
And the wheel kept spinning,
Spinning my soul, my heart, my life,
And everything I hold dear,
The man stood smiling,
Like a messenger from hell,
I stood close to the table,
My heart beating fast,
And the wheel stopped,
At number 1,
The man still smiling,
took away my soul, my heart, my life,
everything I hold dear,
I had given all I have got,
On a loosing game…..

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