Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Friday, September 17, 2004

Have you ever met anyone so emotionally bankrupt that they believe their own lies?Their offices gleam in posh leather, and their desks full of important papers. Papers that controls lives, destinies and future of children. Their faces reflect their own anguish of what awaits them when their working day is over. I often wandered what makes them tick? What makes them go on? It possibly cannot be money, because they revel in it. Is it their despite against their lives? Can it be the lonely bed? or the fact that the person that shares the bed is there for wrong reasons? I really don't know.I don't know because until now I have never been emotionally poor. What would you choose?In teachings of Buddha which is what I learnt as a boy, the balanced life is key. He said those 2500 years ago and I feel they are still true.....In fact all religions focus on this balanced life. A life which is emotioanlly balanced. Perhaps too simple for our complicated mind to comprehend? Perhaps too simple to be true?
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