Thursday, April 14, 2005


When you have an issue in your life, the point is not to get rid of it; the point is to grow with it. The point is not just to resolve the issue; the point is to grow through resolving it. A. H. Almaas

A neurotic human being is a childish human being, a psychotic human being is an infantile human being. A healthy human being is an adult. A. H. Almaas

"An idealization is always a distortion of one's reality." A. H. Almaas

Developing a beautiful inner nature is much harder and takes much longer. We need patience and perseverance to remain in touch with our human and spiritual souls and to keep all of them in balance. It does not mean to become perfect.
Sheikh Ragip (Robert Frager)

Serenity and contentment do not mean that there are no negative impulses left.
Sheikh Ragip (Robert Frager)

The study of personality is the study of the lower self. Sheikh Kabir Helminski

If attention is not connected to will, a human being is not fully a human being.
Sheikh Kabir Helminski

Does one have the strength to scan one's heart to provide excuses for those who have betrayed one's love? Inayat Vilayat Khan

"Self-understanding is at least half the battle in self-transformation". Ragip Baba

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