Saturday, April 16, 2005


I do not know…just few words for utility not reality…born in Lebanon seventy years ago…went to schools and universities…married and divorced, worked in medias many times…went to Europe and than America and India and more…I studied macrobiotics with Michio Kushi and since then I am a student in the university of the universe…U.U. …you you is the only place, and space to live your choice, my choice is macrobiotics as a way of life not eating…I started many macrobiotic centers in America and Sama center was one of the best on the planet…few years ago I came to Lebanon to start a center in my country and my first step was the jazeera screen where my heart screamed to the world…wake up now and watch out what you are eating…since then I am on many TVs…now I have a daily show at N.T.V….the most powerful truth in the arab world to share with the viewers the secrets of our being…body, mind and soul… I love to read new age books…macrobiotics and alternative medicine…I studied N.D. naturapath doctor at Clayton University… in America… I am an American citizen but I declare myself as a citizen of the planet…I do not have a social life…all what I do is what I love to be …no matter what I say…silence is the only language to truth…Knowing yourself is the first step on this trip… Let's join hands and hearts and heal our Life and our mother Earth and may peace prevail on earth. I will end my saying with this quote: "People say I am brainwashing people. No, I am not brainwashing people. I am certainly washing their brains - and I believe in dry cleaning." Wassalam Alaykom…
Wake Up….
Be Alert
No More Medication
Only Meditation
Meditation is not Medication
You are here to know who you are….
You are here to hear your body and to be your being…
You are needed as you are…
Welcome to Meditation…
This is our action and our choice…
Thank you for being yourself

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