Monday, April 18, 2005


A companion asked: “O’ Messenger of Allah ?! Tell us about yourself.”
He e said, “Well! I am the call of my father Ibraaheem u, and the glad tidings of my brother Eesa u; when my mother was pregnant, light emitted out of her by which she saw the palaces of Syria; I was breast-fed in Banoo S’ad. While my foster brother and I were pasturing the goats behind our home, 2 white-clothed men came to me; they made me lie on the earth and split my chest; they extracted my heart and divided it into two parts; and took something like a black leech. They washed my heart and stomach with ice which they had in a golden basin, until it became purely clean. One of them said to the other, ‘Weigh him with ten person of his nation.”
He did; and I outweighed them.
He said, ‘Weigh him with a hundred person of his nation.’
He did; and I outbalanced them.
He said, ‘Weigh him with one thousand men.’
He did: and I overweighed them.
Then the other said to him: ‘Let him! By Allah ?, if you even weigh him with all of his nation, he will exceed them in weight and value.’

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