Saturday, June 18, 2005

1. We are not descendants of apes.
2. We have something of God within us.
3. Even the angels bow down to, serve, protect and pray for the success of mankind
4. God created us free men and women.
5. We are captives due to sin.
6. Satan has no authority over the pure of heart and these are the free men and women.
7. God forgives and guides mankind from the lowest depths of despair to the highest achievements, if we just believe, have faith and follow His guidance as it has been revealed in various Holy Scriptures, or Books.
8. Free men and women will inherit the earth.
9. Freedom begins in hearts, and manifests outwardly, and not the other way around.

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Small Blue Thing said...

Oh, and what about if we do ARE? :P

If God created the Earthkind, can you imagine a best lesson of love for the Human being _that We are the Elders to preserve and love and care the smallest of His sons and daughters, even the smallest, even those we can't see with our eyes, but seen with His?

Personally I wish being connected with my dog, before with some human souls I met...

Blue Soul