Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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Small Blue Thing said...


This is not completely true. The boy asked for the girl and the parents denied even before ask the matter to no Authorities _for political image reasons... the kid was christian but specially he was an american soldier. So the girl escaped to marry. They're married today, she's still a muslim woman who makes her prayers and goes to her closest mosque, and they've got two children who are being educated both in Islam and Christianism acknolowedge.

I do know the story because the woman hasn't a country yet. That's not an american-happy-ending story anyway. She's affraid to come back to Bahrein with her husband and family and not being accepted at her parents' home... but the USA government don't recognise her as a refugee yet. The boy has lost his job as a lieutenant in the American Army because he's married with a muslim gal, and all the usual staff there...

But the fact is, even if they were wrong in the way we did it, the reasons of forbidding the marriage were not moral, but politics, and after all they got married at the first opportunity and the girl _even if she would become christian she could raise the US visa, is still muslim and her husband tolerates her religion. What should be the girl's parents' choice? Still deniying love to her and her family? Shouldn't they forgive them and make peace to them _the peace they have not reached at America?

Blue Thing