Saturday, September 17, 2005


Today I have put my finger on one of the biggest causes of our UMMAH'S DOWNFALL. However, before I start talking about what happened with me today, I'd love to talk about the essence of the meaning I'm trying to talk about... Defining the words:
DOWNFALL = A cause of sudden ruin.
DOWNFALL = Sudden drop to a lower condition or status
DOWNFALL = A disastrous overwhelming defeat or ruin.
UMMAH = The word UMMAH comes from the Arabic amma which means "to go, betake, repair, go to see," Imama "to lead the way, lead by one's example (esp. in prayer)," umuma "to be or become a mother, to nationalize, etc." Also derived from this root is Umm which means "mother, source, origin, basis, foundation, original, original version (of a book), the gist, essence of?" Thus the word UMMAH means "nation, people, generation, community."
It is absolutely fruitless to talk about something that isn't clear. So I hope I made that meaning clear.

Now, to start with, the devil does not know the depth of the spirit of a human, not yet spoilt with sin, but he understands the surface spiritual movements, connected with the physical nature, which can be equally directed towards the good or the evil. And he mobilizes them, as everything he has in disposal in the decisive moment of temptation, repeating his method of tempting millions of millions of times over all human creatures in the whole and very sad human history. And that isn't what I'm trying to talk about, as we have the CHOICE. Yes, the choice.

Well, today I went for a job interview, and it was supposed to be with a school's headmistress. Again, a school's HEADMISTRESS. So, respecting time, is supposed to be one of the most important things in one's life. And especially teachers and whosoever holds the seeds of the next generation's intellect. So, I went on time, and guess what??? The secretary tells me she's not there, and most probably won't be coming today. I thought to myself, I should give her 70 excuses like the prophet (pbuh) said. So I waited until the secretary calls her and know if she (headmistress) is coming to see me or not. So she tells me that "she won't be coming and would like to talk to you right now" (through the phone). So I went, and talked to her, on the phone. next thing i know :
1- she doesn't give any appropriate excuse for not coming
2- doesn't apologize
3- and doesn't communicate professionally
As me being a Muslim, I didn't Wallahi get upset at aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll, for myself 'cuz I know I did my part and that its alllllllll good, 'cuz probably its not for my own good getting that job.
All I didn't really like is that there wasn't a vivid excuse for me getting treated like that. And when I say me, I mean most of youngsters, whether in experience, or age, or anything else. The thing is that with some Arabs, and I say some, commitment isn't a thing to be mentioned, and this is our downfall. And especially, with young generation, the elders (experience wise etc) think that we need them, and that it isn't a mutual need... So, this is veryyyyyyyyy degrading.

I really don't know if I put it right, or if I explained my point, but basically, my prayer is for us to become a better nation. I just cant type anymore... I'm really hurt.

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