Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Letter to the Lord --- By Hesham Hassaballa

Most Magnificent Lord and Creator:
All praise and thanks is due to thee, O Lord, the Light of Whose Countenance illuminates the heavens and the earth. All praise and thanks is due to thee, O Lord, Who created everything out of nothing, and Who created me, even though You did not need me. Lord, I know that You know everything that is within me, yet I do not know all that is within You. Yet, it helps me to "write" You a letter, and so I ask Your merciful indulgence as I write this to You.
Lord, how can I face Your Magnificent Presence? Every day, the weakness of the human condition overtakes me, and I fall short of the standards You called me to uphold. How can I face Your Magnificent Presence? You have given me so much, yet so many times, I have sinned against You. How can I face Your Magnificent Presence? When I think about all the bounties, and blessings, and mercy You have showered upon me, I am strengthened and inspired to rise above the flesh that so often drags me to this earth. Yet, when I am alone - faced with my demons in
the darkness - I frequently fall short of Your Grace. Lord, I don't know how I could face Your Magnificent Presence.

Yet, You are still here for me, Lord. In fact, You have always been there for me, Lord. When I was ...

Lord, I love You with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul.

Lord, I ask for Your Love for me. My Most Holy Creator, on the Day when we all will meet You, let me into Your Magnificent and Holy Presence. Let me be with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Let me be his neighbor in Paradise. Let me be able to talk to him there, tell him about my life, and listen to him about his. Lord God, let me see Your Glorious Face in the highest of Gardens. Let me into Your Presence by Your Wonderful, Gentle, and Soothing Grace. Lord God, I thank you for all You have given me, and I ask You to forgive me for never being a fully grateful servant. In Your Most Holy Name, O Lord, I ask all of these things. Amen.

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